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Internet Web Browsers List

There are plenty of web browsers on the web today and each of them has something different to offer. This article will compare web web browsers

Web browsers have been the gateway for end users to the world of Internet. Technically, a Web browser is a desktop application that lets users access web based applications, web services and web based information sources, with the help of website addresses(URLs).

But Web browser is one such sector in internet landscape that has seen the most fierce competition from some of the biggest technology companies in the world. What once started as an experimental software by Netscape communications, grew up massively in no time by hooking up tens of  thousands of  users and helped them getting their first steps in the infancy stage of the internet.

The biggest technology company of that time, Microsoft, after smelling the opportunity in evolving web browser industry, tried its level best to acquire Netscape but when things didn’t fall in place, Microsoft started working on its own web browser called Internet Explorer. Due to strong financial backing, good product quality, brand trust and default inclusion with Windows OS, it didn’t take much time for Internet Explorer to outweigh Netscape and become the most popular browser for accessing internet.

Until the launch of Firefox by Mozilla Corporation in the year 2003, Internet Explorer remained the most popular web browser and enjoyed almost 95% of the market share. Since then, Internet explorer has been upgraded multiple times by Microsoft(currently, the most recent version is Internet Explorer 8 ) but the net market share is on a steady decline. About 95% of browser market share at one stage, Internet Explorer (all versions together) today accounts for about 64% of worldwide browser usage. This drift has largely gone in favor of Mozilla Firefox, followed by Apple Safari, Google Chrome(Most recent) and Opera. There are plenty of other web browsers existent on web but haven’t managed to gain mass popularity due to various reasons.

Now, take a look at these seven web browsers, which have something exclusive to offer you…Let’s get started !

Internet Explorer : With a history of over a decade in browser industry, this web browser has its reasons to continue as the leader in browser industry for such a long time. It might not be as ‘innovative’ or ‘cool’ as many of its competitors are but as long as Microsoft Windows stays dominant in OS industry (which is highly probable), Internet Explorer won’t be easy(but still possible) to be overtaken by any of its competitors.

One big advantage of using IE is site compatibility factor. Almost every developer/company builds website(s), keeping Internet Explorer(most popular browser) in mind. So, if you’re using latest version of Internet Explorer, you’re most unlikely to come across browser incompatibility issues with any website.

Mozilla Firefox : Firefox is slowly becoming the ‘hot favorite’ browser for accessing internet, specially by the more aware internet population. Mozilla Firefox is probably the only browser that gives you every reason to choose it over any other browser. From useful add-ons to lightening fast browsing experience to secured browsing, Firefox is certainly the most feature-rich browser till date. It currently commands a browser market share of around 25%.

Apple Safari : This browser comes as a default application in Apple Mac machines and that’s probably the only reason why it has managed to secure a small but considerable market share of just over 3.5%. The browser itself is light & fast but stands weak, when compared with Firefox and other fellow competitors.

Google Chrome : This Google powered browser has recently fired up the browser market scenario and has quickly made its way to become the 4th most popular web browser(slightly over 3% of market share) till date. If Google keeps up the pace with Chrome’s updates and promotions, it will certainly outpace Safari within a couple of months from now, becoming the most popular browser after IE and Firefox.

After a recent news that Google is working on a Chrome browser based Operating System called ChromeOS, the probability of Chrome’s future explosive growth has multiplied by many folds. Google Chrome is currently the fastest web browser and if Google makes its Operating system a global success, its highly plausible that Firefox and even Internet Explorer might have to settle down with much less market share than what it commands at the moment.

Opera : Opera is a fast and light-weight web browser that has its own reserved following. It is only used by a small fraction of users worldwide but that fraction keeps sticking to it, no matter what browser gets introduced to them. Opera’s history, although roots back to 1994 but the browser could never really capture the mainstream market share mainly because of relatively weak financial backing.

Flock : It is a web browser that might appear alluring to those who are agressively active into social media stuff. Flock has integrated all popular social networking and social media services within browser sidebar, giving users an easy way to access and get updated within browser itself.

Spacetime : It is the first ever 3D web browser till date. One can call it an ‘innovative’ browser but its definitely not something one would feel comfortable browsing with. If you ever feel like showing off your geek factor to your fellow buddies, this is one browser you should be using that time.

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