5 Reasons why i’m still on Chrome !

Google chrome web browserAlthough chrome has many shortcomings, it has found success in securing a bigger market share. The complete details about it is given below.

After having a look at last month’s user statistics, I realized that many of Chrome users have shifted back to their earlier browsers(mostly Firefox) after experimenting with the browser created by Google.

And there are reasons for this ‘Back to Basics’ reaction of the majority. There are numerous gray areas where Chrome isn’t that cool and Google has plenty of homework to do before releasing the next version of Chrome(biggest lacking being NO Add-ons).

But Chrome has still found success in securing a bigger market share (more than 2%) within a couple of months than many years older Opera and giving stiff competition to Apple’s Safari(although Chrome is still to release a Mac version).And i have to confess that i‘m still on Chrome ! And here are the five reasons that have kept me glued to Google’s flagship browser.(Firefox’s next installment may drift me back…)


Reason #1 : Widest Screen Space  

That’s something which makes browsing,a much better experience on Chrome than any other browser.After getting my hands on Chrome,i actually realized how useless the top menu bar was.The menu bar was of no need and still was eating up significant screen space.I really can’t think of a bigger screen space in any of future browser upgrades from any browser(Chrome has squeezed out the maximum within its first version release).

Reason #2  : Lightening Fast

No matter how busy or loaded my system is,Chrome takes a blink of an eye to open up and show me the most visited sites by me so far.After multiple comparisons with all other browsers,it’s proven that Chrome kicks out every other browser’s ass in terms of speed.

Reason #3  : One box for everything !

Today,products that are ultra simple but effective are preferred over complex and sophisticated ones.Chrome,with its ‘one box for everything’ ideology makes it damn easy to search a keyword or open a site with just one box.I never even bothered to change the default browser as it was already Google and I am already sick of all other search engines.

Reason #4  : New tab page

Every time i open a new tab,i get to see a visual sampling of my most visited sites,recent bookmarked pages and last three closed tabs.It really helps me in navigating even faster to my favorite sites.

Reason #5  : Crash guard

There are instances when a webpage simply gives up..Crashes ! In that situation,Chrome lets you kill that particular page and still have all other opened tabs work without any hassles.


Although i miss many of Firefox features in Chrome but the above five reasons seems to have worked for me to an extent that i have kinda ignored the lacking side of Chrome.Hopefully,the next version of Chrome will fix up all the pending work.



  1. MK08

    December 7, 2008 at 9:24 am

    Is it 64 bit friendly? Not many browsers have even upgraded to the 64 bit technology which is the lack in most upgrades.. I believe the industry is moving faster in the 32 bit sector fine but it need s to adapt faster into the 64 bit arena and move forward there to open up the 64 bit platform across the board!

  2. deepikaur

    December 7, 2008 at 10:24 am

    Pretty much why I've stuck to Chrome since the day it released, reverting back to Firefox only occasionally, maybe a couple of times in a week. Not a great fan of add-ons (personally, I think they're just too crowding). Bookmarklets work perfectly for me, and many Firefox-compatible bookmarklets work fine in Chrome. Hopefully, Google will uphold the simplicity in Chrome, and maybe consider adding some sort of "sliding tray" that can hold add-ons/toolbars (kind of like how the bookmarks bar slides in and out of view), so everyone will be happy in the end.

  3. prashant

    December 7, 2008 at 9:46 am

    Yup ! It works fine for 64 Bit Vista

  4. prashant

    December 8, 2008 at 9:18 am

    Quite agree with you ! As Chrome has made me addicted to largest screen space possible,i can't compromise on that part anymore.

  5. Joe

    December 9, 2008 at 2:14 am

    Chrome seems relatively sane when it comes to extra work for web developers, but I really don't have much reason to switch. FireFox seems to do a pretty darn good job.

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