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Privacy policy highlights the pattern in which the information is gathered by the customer is protected by  The changes or enhancements regarding the policy can happen based on the requirement or in case of changes based on the rules and regulations implemented.

What all information is collected?

The information which we will be willing to collect will be address, email id, contact details, name etc and also the preference regarding the technologies you are interested in. We gather this information to know your requirements and based on it forward you with the details. It’s recorded on our system for our internal processing and records. Promotional email could be sent to you regarding the technologies you have showed your interest.

Cookies implementation on the site

Cookie is a file which handles the transactions records for our future working and development of our site. It does ask permission for getting stored on the computer’s hardware from the user. Once the customer allows the file to be added it gets installed and makes your browsing on the site simple and easy. They help in responding to the individual and due to this the web applications can feature according to their operations based on your requirements. Cookies do also reveal that which pages are being used frequently on your websites. It’s a myth that the cookies give access to your computers, it’s absolutely incorrect. It’s only the data which is shared with us. It’s your choice of accepting or declining the cookies.

Other links provided

We will be providing you with the access to other website via our site but in that case we don’t insure the privacy policy followed by that site. As each and every site does have its own privacy policy. As per the policy which has been mentioned on our site, it is liable for accessing our site and all its pages. You will have to practice precaution while you browse through different sites you follow through our site. You are requested to have a look on the privacy policy of the sites before providing any information to any third party.

Information security

We fully insure you that the information provided by you to us will be purely secured. For safeguarding the information, we have placed suitable electronic and physical gadgets along with managerial processes.

Protection of Data

When you accept the privacy policy of our site and don’t have any issues with us moving ahead further. Your personal information is stored for the process of providing you with the better services we cater to.


We incorporate the policy for the benefit of our users and for providing the best of terms. The notification of changes will be updated our users on the regular basis. You are requested to keep a check on the site for the latest updates regarding to the rules we follow and the new products arrival on our site.

Contact Us

In case any queries or issues with the privacy policy you can mail us at [email protected]

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