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Dustin Jefferson CEO, uHoo

Awesome review, Good research on uHoo and this review should serve as great reference for our potential customers.


Liam Doolan Founder, Comb

Thanks for the great review guys, so glad you like Comb It! We would love to share it over Social Media channels.


Mateen Mohammed Head of Growth, SwishVideo

Fantastic review on SWISH Video. The background research was thorough and our core value prepositions were well explained.


Yali SaarCEO, Tailorbrands

Thank you for having me on TechPluto. Loved sharing my story with your audience.


Varun DuaCo-founder, Coverfox

We're ecstatic to be featured in TechPluto's list of Top 12 startups that have the potential to become the next big thing!


Nenad Milanovic Founder, Clockify

Clockify has been praised as the best free time tracking tool by TechPluto! Thank you!


Julian Lee Founder, Ambi Climate

Thanks, TechPluto for the great mention!


Muqassirsha Mohammed Founder & CEO, AmazeTal

Tech News and Startups Reviews Site TechPluto Mentioned AmazeTal Online Marketplace! Go AmazeTal Team!


Alex Samoylenko CEO, Tubalytics

Thanks a lot for featuring Tubalytics on Techpluto, The review looks great.


Why I Should Submit my startup on your website? What Is the benefit of submitting my startup on your website?

There are various benefits of submitting your startup on Techpluto.

  • Brand Exposure
  • Lead Generation
  • Get 100k+ Eyeballs
  • PR coverage
  • Various Startup Related Resources
  • Attract VC and Investors Attention
Is it paid or free to submit startup?

Ans: Yes, it's free. The startup submission is free. You can choose "Priority Pass" for fast submission.

What is the selection criteria for coverage on TechPluto?

Ans: The selection is decided on factors such as Idea novelty, Product vision, Impact potential, Underlying Tech, Innovation, Disruption factor, Social/Green impact and Market buzz.

Can I use the content used on another website or my website?

Ans: No, We don't prefer duplicate content If the information is original and accurate, it's easy for our editorial team to process it. In the case of startup listing, we require unique information about the startup.

Why do you need the above-mentioned information to list my startup?

Ans: The information we collect from the above-mentioned form, helps us to make the final verdict on your startup. If selected, we may use some or all of the information in our review.

Is it Worth it to submit our startup to the rest of the startup directories?

Ans: Yes, you should submit your startup to the other startup directories but please check the spam score of the directories and make sure they are providing accurate information about your startup.

How To Write A Great Pitch For Your Startup?

A great pitch consists of these factors mentioned below.

  • Idea novelty
  • Product vision
  • Impact potential
  • Underlying Tech
  • Innovation
  • Disruption factor
  • Market buzz

Keep it short and concise and promote your startup and get attention.

What can I do in case of rejection by your review team?

In case of rejection, you can submit your startup again or choose Priority pass for faster submissions.

What are different ways of promoting your startup?

Promoting is the way of creating buzz about your startup. There are various ways of promoting your startups:

  • Startup Submission
  • Press Release
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Paid Promotion (Google, Facebook Ads)
  • Sponsored Posts
Does TechPluto help startups in raising funds or getting access to Investors?

Yes, Techpluto helps startups in getting access to investors and raising funds. Please visit this page for more information.

Will your coverage help my startup get noticed by VCs?

Absolutely, Techpluto is one of the leading Google news approved startup and entrepreneur blog and posses relationship with many VCs and firms. Startups and News coverage on TechPluto are regularly monitored by VC's and angel investors.

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