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Figma Deactivates its AI Design Feature after major Goof up

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Figma deactivates its AI Design Feature after major Goof up

Collaborative design tool platform ‘Figma’ announced on Monday that it will be temporarily shutting down its “Make Design AI” feature following reports that it was coping the designs of Apple’s Weather app. This problem was first noted by the founder of NotBoring Software ‘Andy Allen,’ who found that Figma’s design tool was repeatedly generating apps that were too identical to Apple’s Weather app after it was prompted to design a weather app. Allen even shared the screenshot of what the design tool had generated on his Twitter handle and even accused that Figma’s generative AI tools were heavily trained on existing popular apps. An accusation that Figma has categorically denied.


Apple all set to get a seat on OpenAI’s Board

Tech giant Apple is all set to get a ‘observer role’ in OpenAI’s board as part of the AI pact inked between both companies recently. Apple will be represented by Phil Schiller, who served as a former marketing chief at the tech giant. As an observer, Schiller can attend OpenAI’s board meetings but he won’t have voting rights or any directional powers. This is in contrast to Microsoft, which also owns a seat in OpenAI’s board but has voting powers. Nonetheless, this marks a beginning of a new strategic relationship between Apple and OpenAI, especially after the former announced at its annual WWDC event earlier this year that its will be integrating ChatGPT into its devices for proving AI features to Apple users.


X might be planning to add ‘downvote’ button to replies  


X, formerly known as Twitter, is reportedly once again testing downvote feature for posts; something it had tested way back in 2021 when it had tested both upvote and downvote buttons. Adding a downvote button would basically provide users another way to share their feedback about the user’s comments. This in-turn will help ‘X’ to efficiently decide whether to rank or spam the users’ comments. However, there is still no confirmation from X that it would be indeed launching this feature. The rumours about this feature emerged only after popular app researcher Aaron Perris spotted a ‘code’ for downvote feature in X’s backend code. It must be noted that ‘downvote and upvote’ feature is a standard feature on Reddit and is quite popular among its users.


Suno App is now available for IOS devices

Suno, the AI platform which is known for its ability to generate high quality music with simple text prompts, finally has its on app. It is now available on Apple app store for download. However, as per the reports, currently it might be available only in the US market. Nonetheless, this will still make Suno platform widely available to millions of users. It could also democratize music production and revolutionize the creative landscape. This democratization process though comes with its own share of challenges. As barriers to entry of music creation lowers, it could pave way for tones of AI generated music that could undermine human created music.


Snapchat+ subscribers can now personalize their accounts   


Snapchat is going to allow its users to take personalization to a new level by bringing a set of new features. Currently available only for Snapchat+ subscribers, these new features will let them to customize Bitmoji on Snap Map and also give access to exclusive editing tools that will allow for customizing snaps before sending to friends; allowing for more creative expression. Over all, these new set of features will add a dash of fun for Snapchat paid subscribers.

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