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Chrome vs IE8 : The best among both

IE8, despite being much improved and evolved than its previous version has been completely overshadowed by the recent launch of Chrome.

Word of Caution : I strongly discourage any wannapreneur to even think of ‘building a browser’ as a startup idea because there are just too many options in the “browser market” already and interestingly, every new browser is setting a new standard in this “over-crowded” market.

Microsoft’s latest installment IE8, and Google’s first web browser, Chrome (download from here, if not done yet), being the latest two in this sector are grabbing all the limelight these days.


A browser is basically a “Gateway to Internet” to any web user and hence technology giants are right there, building simplified(for us,but complex for them) web browsers to gain/retain their market share in this unending “Browser War“.

IE8,despite being much improved and evolved than its previous version has been completely overshadowed by the recent launch of Chrome. After having our first hand-on experience with Chrome, the reaction was “Cool !“.

With due respect to months of MS’s efforts in building IE8, we have to confess…

Even the 8th generation of IE is of no match to Google’s newborn baby


For the first time (since the time I dumped IE for Mozilla), I felt like dumping Mozilla for Chrome. According to us, IE8 is out of sight, it’s actually Mozilla which will suffer more, because IE somehow manages to stay on the desktop (default browser in Windows, however unused) but Mozilla lovers will definitely give Google’s baby a place on their desktop because of cluster of reasons.

The majority of them are here but we have listed a few of our observations right here.

  • Lightweight : It took us around one-fifth of the time spent in IE8 installation to install Chrome.Also,Chrome launches at a lightening speed compared to IE8 or even Firefox (relatively). Hence, it’s fast, damn fast…
  • Clean : It’s just so simple,link-free (even, no link to any Google services) and gives one a lot of blank space to browse the web. It’s ironic to see that Google (who recently extended its deal with Mozilla for staying their default search engine) shows up your ‘recently visited sites’ as a default page on Chrome,which in itself is a smart move.
  • Menu-less : For the first time,a web browser has broken this convention (menu bar) and for the first time, it made us think, what the menu bar did out there at the top for years. A great way to provide more screen space to the users.

We also found a few areas where Chrome lacks a bit (which they may make up in the future)

  • Ill-compatibility : There are a few websites such as Lively (a Google service),which are still to find their way to Chrome.(Yes,Lively needs Chrome more than Chrome needs Lively). Some other sites are also having some issues with Chrome.
  • Firefox add-ons missing : We are just so addicted to Firefox that lack of utility add-ons is making browsing a bit uneasy on Chrome right now

So,we have spoken up enough about Chrome (clear winner out of the two) and now would like to hear your opinion about this ongoing “Browser War“.

Poll it out right here !


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