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How to Delete Page from Google Plus

On Google+, it’s little harder to figure out how to delete Google+ page. Get tips on how to delete page from Google Plus in this article.

Google Plus is the social networking serviced owned and operated by Google Inc. The owner, Google, also calls this service as ‘identity service’. Google has created this service for small and big businesses to leverage on to their web presence and take their brand strongly into the potential markets. Similar to the Facebook’s modes operandi, Google Plus allows its users to create a page and invite their customers/fans to get updates.

As per the available statistics, Google Plus is the second largest social media network behind Facebook in the world. Users can do most of the activities that could be done in a social media network like uploading, sharing, commenting and liking the content.

Recently, Google has announced that an automated photo editing tool would be integrated with Google Plus soon. Many reviewers are opined that this is the most intriguing announcement made by Google in the recent times.

Creating Google Plus Page

Google Plus page creation is not difficult at all for Google users. All you need is to have a valid Google profile. If you are new to Google, visit the official website of Google Plus and follow the simple instruction laid out there. Create an account, select the suitable business category and you are on your way to post the content.

Advantages of Google Plus PageHow to Delete Page from Google Plus

  • Millions of people in the world are using various services provided by Google and thus businesses can easily connect to their target customers quite easily.
  • Customers do not need to make extra efforts to get updates about their favorite products or services.
  • Google Plus is clutter-free as compared to other social media networks.
  • It has zero spamming and phishing activities.
  • The powerful functionality called Hangouts can enable the Plus users to engage their customers with video interactions with affordable budgets.
  • Businesses that are having Google Plus pages can have greater advantage in search engine optimization.

Deleting a Google Plus Page

At times, there could arise a need for you to delete an existing Google Plus page. Or you might be having multiple Google Plus pages for different purposes and you no longer need one of them. There is no visible ‘Delete’ option on Google Plus page and hence you need to follow the below steps to delete a Google Plus page.

  • A Google Plus page can be deleted by the page owner only.
  • If you are the owner then log in to your Google account.
  • To start the removal of Google Plus page you need to go to ‘Settings’ option from Google Plus main menu.
  • You can find this menu on top left corner (to your left) of the screen with blue colored circle.
  • Just roll your mouse over it and you could find the ‘Settings’ option almost at the bottom of the dropdown.
  • Scroll down till you can find “Disable Google+”
  • Here you can find the following description “You can disable Google+ (or delete your entire Google profile) and at the end of this message you could find the hyper linked text of i.e. ‘here’. Click on this.
  • Now you can see two options i.e. (a) Delete Google+ content and (b) Delete your entire Google+ profile.
  • Chose the option and proceed by clicking “Remove selected services”

With this you should have deleted the page.

Hope this article about how to delete page from Google Plus helped you.

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