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0ptic Fiber Broadband Review

Optic fibre broadband have many features which make it first choice now a days. Get more idea through optic fiber broadband review.

Optic fiber is a medium of transmitting messages from one location to another with the help of pulse of lights via optical fiber. It came into existence in the year 1970 and has revolutionized the overall development of the telecommunication industry. It has also played a crucial part in the advent of the information era.

The networks of Optic Fiber broadband offers remarkably high speed internet access which allows the users to get high volume of data or movies downloaded in a flash, alongside allowing numerous people to access the same broad band at the same time without hampering the speed. Optic fiber broad band is far more reliable and accurate than the ADSL connections .It is beneficial for organisations or larger group of users where everyone needs to access the internet at the same time without hampering the speed of the connection or stay “Always Connected”!

Optic fiber internet runs through special cables of glass which are underground. There is no use of the copper wires unlike trunk/land lines, or the ADSL broadband cables. The maximum “up to “speeds are measured around 100 Mbps but its open reach and the BT have reached somewhere around 300mbps. There are three different kinds of broadband available marked as FTTC, FTTP and FTTH. The future of this service can move to the rural areas as well via the FTTA (fiber through the Air).

Optic Fiber broadband is considered as the future of the high end broadband access. It’s considered as the highest leap into the exploration of the online connectivity. This is the reason market’s top telecommunication providers use optic fibre network. One such organization is BT which use optic fiber network for internet and television network and provide lowest BT vision packages, broadband packages and offers..  Five reasons why the users should prefer the connection of optic fiber broad band are as under-

  • Super fast and Easy downloads and uploads

The speeds up to 100Mbps is already being delivered via service providers for the downloading purposes and are moving  forward to reach the height of around 300Mbps by the end of the year 2013. Whereas in case of uploading it boosts speeds up to around 30Mbps which enables the user to get the photos and the videos uploaded much faster and without much fuss. Some ISPs allow the user to take the backup to the Cloud in the fastest vice. Also allows multiple sign-on sessions without dropping connectivity.

  • Playing games without getting disrupted

It’s just a click away, wherein users can grab newly released games downloaded at higher speed s and go through the demo of the game without any interruptions in between. Playing multiuser games on LAN or high speed link is a pleasure and mere cakewalk with Fiber Optics.

  •  Multi-user options

The connection speed for all the users in the network would remain same and would not differ according to their geographical location. Lesser or no interruptions while executing multiuser functions.

  •  Streaming of Movies, TV and Music

In case you are busy with lots and lots of work and didn’t get time to catch up with your favourite shows on the TV. You no longer need to worry as you can watch those missed episodes on YouTube or other streaming channels without buffer rate playing the spoil sport!

  •  Unlimited Broad Band services available

Optic Fibre providers offer unlimited broadband services, which mean that there is no restriction to the download or the uploading of the documents. Users can access the connection at super-fast speeds with any ado.

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