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Facebook Camera vs Instagram

Facebook camera and Instagram are two different platforms but can help you reach the same solutions. Facebook Camera vs Instagram can help in choosing.

 It has been somewhat in the news that Facebook, probably the biggest name in the Social Networking field and web portals established today. Instagram, a familiar common name in the area of applications that are used to upload photos have been merged because of Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram for about near a billion-mark sum.

Facebook Camera vs Instagram

Considering the popularity Facebook has today in the world of Social Networking and engaging, marketing strategies it opts for, Instagram purchase was an instant hit.

Soon after making this remarkable move, Facebook is launching its brand new version of Camera Application named Facebook Camera. Naturally, enough, this particular program has drawn a significant amount of discussion regarding the comparisons of both these tools specifically Facebook Camera and Instagram.

 What Facebook Camera has got in Store? 

 Facebook Camera has all those basic features like sharing images and getting a general view of them all together. It also enables users to capture these images displayed in a bigger size on tapping them, and likes and comments can be added accordingly. To tag the photos is also made easier and so is viewing the recent history of those.

 Facebook Camera vs. Instagram – Inevitable Comparison

Since this launch of the Facebook Camera was intended to shade lot of the amounts of the criticism generated over the idea of individuality, Facebook has utilized all its resources to make it a better and effective alternative.

Due to this reason, there is a sense of inevitability about the comparisons being made between the two. Facebook Camera offers similar and resembling features to that of Instagram but certainly has its own set of unique features for the users.

 Facebook Camera vs. Instagram – Interface

In this truly first phase of the comparison between the two, Instagram certainly triumphs over the newer and simpler Facebook Camera application.

Effective use of the middle button and easy processing has made Instagram simpler in use while bugs like multiple photos upload, cropping and editing of the photos are difficult in Facebook Camera. Since it is a first ever version of this application, many more changes are in the pipeline and expected to be made at the launch of upcoming versions.

 Facebook Camera vs Instagram – Pictures Taking

 It can be safely said that both these applications are supposed to be bright ones in this case, and they actually are as the user experience of these unique features conveys. Taking pictures are made easier in both the applications and their comparison thus draws similar outcome for both.

 Facebook Camera vs Instagram – Photos Sharing

 Sharing of the photos is what can be termed as the single most striking feature of these both applications. It must be said that it has gone remarkably well down the way and thus both these tools are decent enough on this front with Instagram having a slight edge over Facebook Camera due to its friendly interface. Versatile and different ways to upload these photos make Instagram a better option to go with.

 Facebook Camera vs. Instagram – Nature of working

 Instagram can be appropriately related to the Micro-blogging site Twitter as far as its kind of working is concerned. Only your followers are able to see your photos where as on Facebook Camera, just like Facebook, all your friends, as well as the public, can see your snaps.

Both of these complementary applications Instagram and Facebook Camera are based for photos sharing. The general process of using both the applications is similar, as you have to start up the app, after selecting a photo upload it and make it ready for the world.

However, it must be said that there is no clear winner though Instagram leads the way. With small and much needed additions, however, Facebook Camera can make it to the top spot in this stern competition.

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