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Top 5 Facebook Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Mistakes committed while social media marketing can play a role of negative catalyst. Learn top 5 Facebook marketing mistakes to avoid.


Too much of the text is always boring and can drive away people. You should not post frequent updates just for the sake of attracting visitors. Some brands just post more than once every day which creates a negative impact among customers that the brand is trying to oversell.

Facebook Marketing Mistakes

As per the reports from Facebook, users on average likes 4-6 pages every month and hence if you post more junk contents, it would just be ignored by the users. So, you should post quality content at regular intervals rather than over posting.

You should like the comments given by users for the posts on your brand page and must tag people who reply to comments. This way you can keep the attention of users and engage them to provide more comments.


Often businesses tend to broadcast messages to all fans who liked the page instead of offering relevant content to each user.

Facebook could be used as an effective tool for Word-of-mouth marketing, but whatever you convey should be authentic and engaging to the users. If you do not interact with the users and provide relevant content then you will lose their confidence.  Some marketers just focus more on likes and comments from fans instead of knowing what each user wants and providing the necessary details.

Predictable and Boring content

When speaking about marketing, it’s very important that whatever contents you provide to the users is engaging and entertaining. Facebook is a social media where people share funny, useful and interesting information with friends and family.

Hence, if your contents are too boring or predictable, then you might not get a good chance to win the customers. Just lengthy text messages in status updates will irritate users and you should know how to mix multimedia like photos and videos in your status messages.

Not making use of the right tools and options

Facebook is a new media for businesses and some of them might not be familiar with various options which are available in it.  A lot of people don’t know how to create a business page with attractive cover photo, proper tags and status updates, “Info” tab etc.

Many companies don’t know where to upload their logo and how to project their brand through fan pages. Also, they don’t know how to use tools like Insights, which can provide analytics for the performance of each post based on user engagement.

Violating the Terms and Conditions of Facebook

Another common mistake made by many marketing people is that they forget about the rules and regulations to be followed in using Facebook. For instance, you should not tag images of people without having their permission to use their pictures. You should not display any personal information of other users.

Some people don’t follow proper rules for running contests and events on Facebook. In order to avoid such mistakes, business should educate themselves about Facebook platform and the terms and conditions to be followed.

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