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Cooliris App: To Make your Daily Image Searching Cooler than Ever

Cooliris image searching browser addon. Cooliris act as an image viewer. This app combines displays the photos as a stream on a tilted 3D wall in a much better way.

Cooliris is something we loved when we covered it long back when it came as a plug-in for browsers like Firefox, IE, Chrome, Safari. And with all the latest feature enhancements done till date, the new Cooliris app has now set foot in the tablet and smartphone market.

Cooliris is now available  on the Appstore , thus giving you the awesome picture viewing experience on your iPad and iPhone. Cooliris is developed by Cooliris Inc., which is the developer of the native Gallery app on the Android OS.

This Cooliris app has created a lot of hullabaloo in the Appstore and also amongst Apple Enthusiasts as it skyrocketed to the number 1 position in the Lifestyle section of the Appstore  in over 40 countries in just 10 days from its launch. This success is also evident from the numbers we see; over 60 Million photos viewed, and a quarter million photos shared from Cooliris onto Facebook.

The basic functionality of Cooliris is to act as an image viewer, but the grace of this lies in the way the photos are presented to the user. The app combines displays the photos as a stream on a tilted 3D wall like interface that you would have experienced on Android OS already, only difference is that Cooliris does it much better. The interface and the flow of the photos ensure the users a pleasurable viewing experience.Navigating through images is very simple, swipe, pinch and zoom, and other simple gestures do the tricks.

Apart from this Cooliris has a very decent integration with all major Social networks as well as photos- oriented apps viz. it will show all the pics from your Camera Roll, Gallery, Facebook, Instagram, and other major photo stream and beautifully portrays them on the same wall, making it easier for you to view all the photos at one single spot. Moreover, you can also post pictures onto any website, or mail them to anyone directly from within Cooliris.

Another great feature is the Google Image search. You can search Google for any images and Cooliris will display the image results arranged beautifully on its 3D wall interface.

Though the software was originally developed for online media but the updated version also gives you the liberty to access the images on a local hard disk or external storage devices such as external hard drives, SD card, flash drives etc. The app also supports image search through Google.  You can save the photos you have searched online on your camera roll as well, for future reference.


  • It is absolutely free, so you got nothing to lose.
  • Innovative 3D interface.
  • Fully integrated with  all major Social Networking sites.
  • Ability to browse both online and offline pictures.
  • All images are loaded in the background (no need to push the next button while searching with Google, the results keep on loading automatically. You just need to scroll through them)


  • No image editing features
  • Image search only through Google


Cooliris has  done a really good job in terms of photo viewing as well as photo sharing. Strong integration with other photo oriented Social networks makes it a one stop for photo enthusiasts really good support for Facebook, Google and Twitter. The interface is unbeatable and flows smoothly. Overall, it is definitely worth a try and who knows you might fall in love with this. You can download Cooliris from the Appstore. You can also visit the official site for more information on Cooliris

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