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A ‘FF Add-on’ that forced me back to Firefox(from Chrome) : “Cooliris”

In this article we will tell you about cooliris 3d web browsing. Cooliris is basically a firefox add-on that enables much faster image/video/product searching from a bunch of major sources.

“Cooliris is really cooooool !” and there is no exaggeration in it.This is the one(add-on) cooliristhat forced me back to Firefox as I was loyal enough to Chrome since its launch inspite of all its shortcomings .Chrome,worked quite OK for me for a couple of months but then….

Inspite of Chrome’s  regular updates and recent ‘Out of Beta’ announcement,”No FF add-ons”(specially TwitterFox) were adding to my pains every now and then.But when i recently came across a Firefox Add-on,I seriously couldn’t resist myself from going back to Firefox and start using it immediately on a regular basis.It’s actually a pleasure to use Cooliris(again,no exaggeration!).

Cooliris is basically an Add-on that enables much faster image/video/product searching from a bunch of major sources(Google,Yahoo,Flickr,Youtube.Amazon,iTunes and many others) in a 3D environment.It lets you have a thumbnail view of images,videos,products of search results and lets you go directly to the webpage,hosting that particular image,video or product.


I realised it when it won the top award in “Best Design” category in “The Crunchies o8” and I can reaffirm that Cooliris truly deserved it.(Kudus to the folks at Cooliris).

At TechPluto,we keep profiling startups and we love to write about all that stuff that’s ‘strange yet effective’.Cooliris is just one of them.There is one 3D web browser called “Spacetime” which we covered earlier but it had its bunch of limitations which couldn’t make it as ‘useful’ as ‘glossy’ it was.


Cooliris,on the other side is an add-on that simply changes the way you search for images,videos or products and makes things really fast.Cooliris also proves that there’s no need to compromise on ‘speed’ in lieu of  ‘experience’.

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