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Google Chrome Full Version

In this article we will tell you about the google chrome latest release.You can expect better stability,massive gains in speed and improved privacy controls.

All the Chrome fanatics must be happy to know that Chrome has just left ‘Beta’ stage(officially announced on Google Blog) with its fifteenth release today(in the past three months,they’ve released 14 updates so far).

At this point of leaving ‘Beta’ phase,team behind Chrome is looking quite confident about Chrome’s performance.You can expect better stability,no more audio/video glitches,massive gains in speed,better provision for managing bookmarks,improved privacy controls etc.

Although,the Google browser is dropping ‘beta’ tag,but some immediate homework is waiting to be done such as “RSS support”,”form autofill” etc.

In its short ‘beta’ lifespan(Just 100 days),Chrome has managed to reach over 10 million active users world over.But the situation is not so rosy for Chrome.At the time of Chrome’s launch,there was a lot of buzz and excitement in public to use and experience web through Google’s first web browser.That’s why,after one month of Chrome’s launch,nearly 28% of TechPluto’s readers(beating IE ) were using/experimenting with Chrome.

But with recent update in usage patterns(TechPluto stats),majority of excited freaks have gone back to Firefox as they found many things simply missing out(such as Add-ons) in Chrome.As of now,Chrome has successfully secured more than 2% of browser market all over(still substantial).

With latest “Out-of-beta” announcement,Chrome might see some temporary rise in usage but still,the masses are not going to ditch their pet browsers until Chrome brings “Add-ons” to its kitty.Mac and Linux versions(not there yet) will help Chrome suck Safari’s marketshare as well.

If you haven’t downloaded Chrome yet,Download it here !

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