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How to Increase Likes on Business Facebook Page

Brands and Businesses are placing more and more emphasis on their Facebook pages. Get tips to learn how to increase likes on business page.

It is not enough if you have simply created a Facebook business page, but you need to take it further for increasing the traffic for your Facebook page. Nevertheless, it is not only getting more Likes, but you have to go ahead with discussions to make sure your brand is endorsed by the readers. Here are a few ideas that you can make use of to boost the traffic of your Facebook pages.

Facebook Offers

If you have gotten more than 400 Likes already, then in the status creation box of your menu, you can see the offers menu. If you have some deals and discounts, then this is the right way to let others know about it. Your fans will spread this with their shares to the others. You should note that the headline is restricted to 90 characters. Also, an image that is attractive is an added point. Then fit it in a time span to get the deals for the fans. It is advisable to let them get hold of a good amount of time to grab the deals. It is also always good to offer a discount of $5 or $10 instead of 5% or 20% as it is easier to calculate this way. Remember to read the terms and conditions of Facebook before posting your deals.

Gather Like and Shares

Ask your fans to like and share your pages. But, do not do this often. When your fans like or share your posts, then others also get a chance to have a look at your page. Ask it in a direct way and do no beat around the bush.

Cross Promotion

You can also promote your business by just posting informational comments that are appropriate in other fans pages. Remember to do this from your fan page and not from your personal profile. You can also do the same cross promotion with other page owners who are into similar business. Talk to them and know how both of you can get benefited. In spite of the niches being different, the clientele can be alike  and can be shared.

Use the Promoted Post Aspect of FacebookTips for Boost Facebook Pages

You can now feature a post that you feel the best, and this stays in the newsfeed of your fans for 3 days. However keep experimenting, before you find, the best strategy that would help you to promote the business in the long run and post only the best content for this. You can try the Facebook Insights that tells all about the Likes and Shares content has received but post only to your fans. If you are in the process of posting it in the public, then you should understand that there are chances of negative attention also.

Never Forget your Mobile Users

The mobile browsers are increasingly used to access the internet. To fit in a small screen, the content that is small and sweet is apt. A video and lots of images are the best to fit in with a short content.

Highlight the Appreciations

When you find a certain customer praises for your service, product or process, then let all your fans know about it. Facebook page is not for shying away after all. Also, encourage your users to leave  comments and recommendations.

Run Contests

Contests that allow participants and make them stay even after they are over are the best way to include new people to your Fan page. You can offer prizes that are related to your brand. For instance, when you run a spa, offer any of the treatments.


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