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How to Make Music Symbols on Facebook

Posting on your timeline with music symbols adds emotion to your comments. Learn how to make music symbols on Facebook in this article.

Have you ever witnessed a music symbol like “♪” or “♫” being a part of your Facebook Status, and wondered how on earth that is possible? Well, it’s just an easy trick! This feature is named as “ALT Codes” that is implemented by pressing the keyboard keys in a sequential manner resulting into the desired music symbol that can be eventually placed as a Facebook Status. In order to make this feature work you neither need any add-on software from the internet nor need you make any settings in your system. You can make music symbols in Facebook status both while using your desktop or laptop and the process differs slightly. All you need is to follow the instructions given below.

Instructions for Desktop Keyboard Users

1. Login to Facebook using your login credentials. 2. After the login is done, place a mouse click in the Update Status textbox where you enter a new status. 3. Now, as the cursor blinks in the text box, press the “ALT” key from the keyboard. The location of the “ALT” key will be one at the right-hand side of the space bar and the other one at the left hand-side. 4. Keep holding the “ALT” key and turn-on the “NUM Lock” key on the keyboard. Type number 13 or number 14 from the numeric section of the keyboard (usually located at the rightmost side of the keyboard). 5. Make a note: Use only the “NUM Lock” section to generate the musical status symbols. If you use the horizontal numeric keys above the alphabets, then the musical status symbols won’t be generated. 6. The number 13 stands for musical single eight note symbol whereas the number 14 represents double eight note symbol.

Instructions for Laptop Keyboard Users How to make music symbols for Facebook Status

Follow the same sequence from point 1 to point 3 as mentioned in “Instructions for Desktop Keyboard Users”.

  1. Keep holding the “ALT” key and turn-on the “NumLK” key on the keyboard. The ideal location of this key is in the upper right-hand section of the keyboard. As the key is enabled, a light indication will be shown.
  2. Once the “NumLK” key is pressed, hold down the JL or JU keys from the keyboard, as these represent the 13 and 14 numbers from the laptop keyboard sequence.
  3. In a situation where there isn’t a “NumLK” key provided, hold-down the function key which is indicated as “FN”.
  4. Perform the same process as mentioned in point 3 for function key.


The idea behind this concept is to express one’s mood or behavior, or even a response to a comment. You can also use these musical symbols in the chats and that will show your love for music.

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