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Best MIDI Keyboard Controller For iPad

MIDI keyboard controller allows an iPad to receive MIDI signals & commands. Get help to  select the best midi keyboard controller for iPad.

Emergence of the iPad has given an all new dimension to music making. Especially with a bunch of new synthesizer based apps coming in, music making has become very interesting and joy to play with. IPad offers a lot of tools on its touch interface for music freaks and now, with these small keyboards aiding it, it becomes a great device for non professional music creativity.

Now coming to Midi controller keyboards, they definitely help! You might be used to touch devices a lot but basically getting a traditional physical board in hands makes things easier and faster to say the least! Today we will help you out with a few leading boards which are compatible with the iPad.

What you need?

Best midi keyboard controller for iPadAll you need to begin with is a camera connection kit, with the help of which you can connect these small keyboards with the iPad USB/charging port. Some of these boards have a separate power source, while the rest take it from the device itself.  Together, they form a very portable and mobile pair to satisfy your musical appetite!

v  M-audio Keystation Mini 32

  • This one was built specifically to work with the iPad and therefore, this one stands good in the competition. The only one with more than 25 keys and 3 custom assignable buttons and a control knob, this keyboard is definitely something to consider when you go shopping!

v  Korg nanoKEY2

  • NanoKEY2 is an upgrade over Nano KEY. These keyboards do their job without any complexity. This is a basic one with limited features and is readily usable, provided the app supports it. The downside? Well, keys are a bit hard, I mean, it doesn’t feel like a musical keyboard and is more like some hard plastic buttons when you press them.

v  Korg micro KEY

  • MicroKEY25 is what will go down well with your iPad. The 37 and 61 key versions of this series is a little too power hungry for your iPad to handle it. These keyboards are classy and give you the feel you expect from them. MicroKEY25 comes equipped with a joystick for working with pitch and sound modulation and apart from that it features an appregiator and octave keys too!

Deciding on which one to go for?

Frankly speaking, all are good and serve their purpose. It’s a matter of personal choice and feel because after investing all your money, it is you who should feel good about it. Keystation Mini will give you extra keys to work with and that is certainly an advantage for some. NanoKEY is flawless except for the quality part, I mean that is not how I expect a keyboard to look and feel like. Moreover its basic one so we can’t expect a lot there. MicroKEY25 is where I would like to toss my hat, given its build quality, feel and functionality, this one definitely is worth the money!

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