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How to Use Cell Phone to Get Internet on Computer

Cell phone can also be used as a MODEM for computer when required. Learn how to use cell phone to get internet on computer. 

Ignorance is a curse! These few words pretty much sums up on how ignorant people are about the benefits of using a cell phone to get internet connection on computers or laptops. Most people still presume that using a cell phone for getting internet on a computer involves many technical complications. Well, get ready to bust this myth. All you need to do is follow some few basic steps and you’re on the web in a matter of seconds. So, here we go.

The entire process of using a cell phone to get internet on a computer is called tethering. Today most smart phones and high end phones like the iPhone, Android and Black Berry have tethering applications. However, in case if you’re still hung up on old & low end devices then you got to forget about tethering or for that matter using cell phone as a modem to get internet on your PC or laptop. So, tethering application on your mobile phone is absolutely must.

Below we’ve mentioned other mandatory things that are necessary for successful tethering.

Well tethering can be achieved via three simple options: 1) Using data cable 2) Bluetooth 3) WiFi How to Use Cell Phone to Get Internet on Computer

  • For achieving tethering via USB cable your cell phone basically needs to have data port. Today all smart phones and even newly arrived budget phones have a data port. The one end of USB cable goes into data port of your cell phone and the other end goes to the port of your PC.
  • Incase if you don’t posses data cable, then you can rely on your mobile phone’s Bluetooth device. Although Bluetooth frees you from hassles and tangles of wires & cables, it however involves extra technical steps. People who are new to the process of using cell phone as a modem must preferably stay away from Bluetooth. The third and final method is via WiFi i.e. by turning your cell phone into WiFi hotspot, but for this you need to be in WiFi network area otherwise WiFi option is completely out of question.
  • This is the most important and essential thing. The internet service on your mobile has to be on the activate mode. And in case if it is not then you need to call up your service provider and get it activated. Do note that internet service packages & plans vary from country to country. For instance, in America mobile service provider Verizon include internet service as part of their data plan. One definite advantage of this is that you won’t have to resort to local ISP (internet service provider).
  • And once you have everything in place: a mobile phone with tethering application, USB cable & Bluetooth device, then all have to do is activate tethering feature on your mobile handset – tethering feature usually comes under network menu option in mobile phones. And once you’re done activating the tethering feature, your PC or laptop will detect your mobile phone in matter of few seconds. However, it is equally advisable that you follow your company’s user manual when you set out for tethering. We say so because tethering process differs depending on which mobile phone you use. Having said so, activating tethering itself will complete 90% of your task; your company user manual will guide you in the remaining 10% of the task. The entire tethering process must not take more than 5 minutes. Yes, that’s all it takes: 5 minutes.

In the end all we’ve to say is that you need not be a tech savvy to use cell phone as modem to surf net on your P.C or laptop. After reading our article you must have realized that tethering can be done by any tom, dick and harry.

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