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Top of the Line Bluetooth Headsets 2012

Some top of the line Bluetooth headsets of the year 2012, for those who hate wires but always busy on the phone are listed in this article.

Bluetooth headsets have made our life so easy. They are not just earpieces for receiving and ending calls, but also help you to do multi-tasking. You can drive your car home while talking to your friends on your Bluetooth headset. You can also use it for listening songs when you are getting bored or while travelling. Most of the Bluetooth devices come with extraordinary headsets with Advance audio distribution profile streaming for listening to music. Here we will tell you the Top 5 Bluetooth Headsets.

Top of the line Bluetooth Headsets 20121. Jawbone ERA

Jawbone Era comes with four beautifully architectural exterior body designs. It is a complete combination of sophistication and technology. This lightweight and comfortable Headsets come with 8 earbuds perfect for any ear sizes. Jawbone Era has NoiseAssassin of 3.0 version, It automatically adjusts the volume of the incoming calls and  removes the background noise.

You can enjoy your mobile media and HD sound quality with it’s 10 mm speakers. It has some fantastic motion controllers such as, Built in accelerometer. It is amalgamated with online MYTALK. Jawbone Era can be used for continuously 5.5 hours. It is eco friendly. It weights only 10.2 grams and costs approximately $129.99.

Top of the line Bluetooth Headsets 20122. BlueAnt Q2

The smartest Bluetooth headset with the best HD Audio quality, with best technology for wind noise reduction. It has an innovative multipoint technology i.e. you can connect to two phones at one time and receive the calls. Its speaks the callerID. It has an automatic transferring of contacts option on pairing.

It can save upto 20,000 entries for each of the device paired. You can hear GPS directions, You can also listen to the music through A2DP streaming. It has voice dialing, voice answering, and voice recognition options also. You can also hear sms and send emails through Q2. It gives 5 hours of talk time. BluAnt Q2 weighs only 10 grams. It costs approximately $99.99

Top of the line Bluetooth Headsets 20123. JABRA STONE 2

JABRA STONE2 is a very light weight Bluetooth headset, made with curvy designs. It has a dual microphone technology which obstructs the outside noise and intensify your own voice. It provides voice instructions for setting up your device, tells Caller identity, and battery levels.

This device gives you an experience of receiving and answering calls through your voice instructions. And helps in giving directions through GPS. You can also stream in your favorite music through STONE2. It gives 10 hours of talk time. It weighs only 7 grams. It costs approximately $89.9.

Top of the line Bluetooth Headsets 20124. Plantronics Savor M1100

Most innovative and reliable in the market Bluetooth headset Plantronics Savour M1100. It comes with a service i.e. Vocalyst which can read your text and emails loud. Its weighs only 9 grams. It is made up of comfortable silicon gel. It gives good sound quality with triple mic precision and has A2DP music streaming.

It has Bing411 for traffic updates, news and getting directions. You can enjoy a hands free experience where you don’t have to receive or end calls with your hands, instead your voice will dictate the commands. It has a 4 hours continuous talk time. It weighs only 8.5 grams and costs approximately $99.99.

Top of the line Bluetooth Headsets 20125.  Motorola H17txt

This amazing device comes with excellent comfortable wearing options, with customizable ear hooks and gels for on or in ear wearing style. It supports MOTOSPEAK 1.0 which can read text messages and send emails via headset. It only works with Android and Blackberry phones.

Motorola h17txt has superior voice clarity with CRYSTALTALK technology dual microphones. It also handle call waiting between two sources of Bluetooth through RAPIDCONNECT technology. Its talk time is up to 5 hours. It weighs only 9 grams. It costs approximately $40.50


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