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Bluetooth and USB Connectivity Are Past, Welcome ‘Wi-Fi Direct’

Wifi direct enabled devices will be able to connect with each other without any router support. Find the complete details below.

It’s always a big pain to transfer data between mobile devices over Bluetooth as the procedure is pretty slow, has very limited range and sucks the battery life out of the devices involved.

If a large file transfer is required, most people prefer using USB connectivity over Bluetooth between laptops/netbooks and mobile phones, simply because its fast but it does require you to physically connect the two devices together with a USB cord.

Also, Bluetooth and USB connectivity doesn’t just need for data transfer among mobile devices but also for connecting peripheral devices for PCs and laptops. Almost every computer peripheral(keyboard, mouse, printer) is USB dependent and wireless solutions use Bluetooth technology to pair devices together.

The sharing/connectivity problem worsens when we take the case of upcoming tablet devices that are too thin to accommodate a USB slot, like iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab.

The pain remains the same. More cords, lesser range !

Courtesy Wi-Fi alliance, all of this is going to change, forever. The alliance that primarily defines and standardizes Wi-Fi technology and its research & development, has now taken Wi-Fi to the next level with the launch of Wi-Fi Direct.

Wi-Fi Direct, as the name suggests, is the newly developed standard that will enable direct interaction between Wi-Fi enabled mobile devices such as laptops, Smartphones, notebooks and tablets, without the need of any network or router.

Very soon, the alliance will start certifying present and future Wi-Fi enabled devices as Wi-Fi Direct compliant and that will ensure device interoperability, fast data-sharing and instant connectivity among Wi-Fi enabled devices, without the need of any router or Wi-Fi Hotspot.

Tech fantasies such as ‘Wireless printing through Smartphones’ will soon become a standard practice for most of us. As early as the electronic hardware industry adopts the new Wi-Fi standard, we will start seeing a new wave of peripheral devices which will simply replace all current PC peripherals with Wi-Fi Direct compliant keyboard, mouse, printers, etc

I personally hate wired connectivity in any form and Wi-Fi Direct appears to resolve all the sharing/connectivity issues that we face and reluctantly rely on wired options instead.

Every technology has its expiry date…May be, the expiry date of Bluetooth and USB connectivity is just around the corner.

Enjoy this concept video(sneak into the future) for more on Wi-Fi Direct, created by Wi-Fi Alliance.

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Source: Wi-Fi Alliance

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