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Smartphones With Best Battery Life

This article will be telling you some of the best Smartphones with best battery life. Find the complete details below.

With the increase in speed, apps and efficient working, Smartphones simply drain the battery. They need a darned good battery backup because it is not possible to carry chargers all the time and get the Smartphones charged. So there is a considerable amount of importance attached to the battery also. So here is a list of some enduring Smartphones. All of them have lasted at least for six hours with constant web activity in 3G or 4G speed.

iPhone 5

smartphones with best battery life

Apple smartphones and other devices are not hugely popular when it comes to battery life. But this time they have improved their battery life on the iPhone5. Battery life is one of the primary concerns because the well working and utility of the Smartphone is dependent on the battery life of the phone. With a 1440 mAH battery, the iPhone Smartphone allows you to talk nonstop for over eight hours. It will work for at least 10 hours nonstop showing videos once fully charged. iPhone 5 latest update the iOS 6.0.2 is seeing a lot of battery drainage but with the online Apple Support, users can now decrease their battery drainage in a systematic process.

Samsung Galaxy Note II

smartphones with best battery life

With the Samsung Galaxy Note II,  it can be well said that bigger is better. With the large 5.5 inch screen, improved features of snapping and video, 4G speed; it needs an extremely good battery support to work efficiently. So it has been supplied with a good 100 mAH support which can work for above eight hours without charging. At LAPTOP battery test,  it proved to last for over ten hours and this fits it to our present list. In fact, this can be said to be one of the best batteries supported Smartphone in the market right now.

Motorola Droid Razr Maxx HD

Since the Motorola Droid comes with a thicker battery, it has a larger battery life. The 3300mAH battery has capacities that can double the capacity of the Apple iPhone5. You can talk over it for twenty two hours and watch 13 hours of nonstop video. Very impressive indeed and with the applications running to the battery has well supported it.

Samsung Galaxy S3

smartphones with best battery life

In terms of competition,  the Samsung Galaxy S3 as created a good market with the battery life. The 2100 mAH battery allows only average battery draining while the apps are being run. It allows talk time till ten hours and even though it is better than the Apple iPhone5 it is not even close to the Galaxy Note II or the Motorola Droid.


smartphones with best battery life

This is probably the fifth contender in the list, and its 1800mAH battery allows ten hours of talk time. It is new in the market but still has emerged as a tough competitor to the Samsung and Apple gadget because of the tough battery life. People now devote a lot of time on their phones, and this helps them to stay connected to the world and get entertained, as well. But without the proper battery support the phone may die on you. So HTC One X looks a promising devise on the market.

From this analysis, it will not be wrong if I say that the Droid Razr from Motorola is the most efficient. It will last you an entire day without the need to carry chargers or extra batteries. But looking at the aesthetics, I would like to tell you that the iPhone5 or Samsung Galaxy Note II outshine it.

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