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How to Extend Laptop Battery Lifespan

Laptop’s mobile nature is because of its battery which allow us to use laptop any where. Learn how to extend laptop battery lifespan.

Long hours working on a laptop without battery backup may turn you down, it is preferred to keep your battery charged to take advantage of mobile use of laptop. Here are ways you can save your battery life and increase its working capacity.


It is a myth that you should be always keeping your laptop plugged with socket in order to keep your battery charged, even when your battery is fully charged. Say “no” to this practice as it results in deterioration of your battery material as its life decreases. When you keep your battery always charged, it loses its capacity of charging, it is preferred to discharge fully your battery ones in a month or after 30 times charging and then charge it fully. Full battery discharge will help your battery to charge fully retaining its capacity.

Regular Clean up

You should clean your battery surfaces as well as the metal contact. Wiping the metal contact with alcohol in every 2 months and letting it dry how to extend the lifespan of laptop batterytotally before placing it into the laptop. Apart from battery clean up keep your laptop also clean, this will not invite any unwanted problems in your laptop.

Avoid Overheating

This is most common reason of battery’s life reduction. Do not connect your laptop to AC source or power adapter with unreliable voltage. You need to verify the adapter and the AC outlet voltage. You can use cooling pad when using a laptop on your lap. Never keep your laptop on a pillow or blanket as they close the cooling outlet resulting in heating up of laptop.

Screen Dimming

You should dim your laptop screen in order to avoid over stress to your eyes, as well as preventing faster discharge of your battery. More light creates a burden on CPU that results in fast discharging of the battery.

Use an External Device when Required

You should not keep your laptop connected with any unnecessary external device like USB cable, pen drive, CD or DVD. They absorb more energy from your laptop resulting in fast discharge of the battery. Wi- Fi, mouse are also responsible for battery discharge, so plug them to your laptop when required. No necessary external connection is the best way to save your battery life.

Adding more RAM

Adding more memory will result in battery discharge. Adding RAM will allow you more space in the memory than available by virtual memory. Virtual memory uses less power as compared to external RAM. It is required that you decide whether you seriously need an external RAM or it’s just for increasing space. If you have heavy programs to run, you can go for external RAM for connecting externally whenever needed.

Hibernate and not Stand by

Put your laptop to stand by and resume working afterward, but did you know that stand by takes much of your battery power and frequent stand by results in battery’s life deterioration. It is a better option to keep your laptop in hibernation. Hibernation saves your laptops life as it saves all programs as it is left and then shuts down.

Prefer Single Tasking

Opening multiple programs on the back side of your screen will consume more power. It is advised to turn off all the unessential programs that are open behind. More programs on your screen take more memory and CPU space, that results in more utilization of battery power. It is better sticking to single required program at a time.

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