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Apple’s Top 10 iPods of all Time

iPods are loved by person of every age as its functionalities domain is quite huge. Take a view on Apple’s top 10 ipods of all time over here.

There are few companies that have had such a significant effect on consumer behavior as Apple. Perhaps the most significant product to ever emerge from Apple’s stable is the iPod.

The California-based tech colossus has, over the past decade, churned out several gadgets that have stolen our hearts and made the tech industry realize that raw performance wasn’t everything – thanks to Apple, usability and attractive design are now an important focus area for any tech company that wants to be a global player.


Well, okay. iPhone fans have a point. The iPhone is perhaps the most significant iPod of all time. Yes, this was the device that made it possible for us to be happy with just one do-it-all expert! Before the iPhone, phones were supporting music, but it was the ease-of-use and overall integration of the entertainment functions that make the iPhone the best-ever iPod.

iPod Classic 1st Gen

The first-ever iPod was what started off the revolution – perhaps the real inheritor to Sony’s venerable Walkman. The capacity might have been small as compared to the later iPod classics, but this is where the journey started

Best Apple iPods

iPod Nano 1st Gen

The Nano was perfect for those who wanted a lightweight iPod for use in the Gym and while travelling. Its popularity can be attested by the legions of copycat products that have tried – and failed – to snatch its crown

iPod Touch 4th Gen

The 4th Gen iPod Touch was a remarkable device –an iPhone without the phone bits. The added support for Facetime makes it deserving of mention.

iPod Nano 5th Gen

The 5th Gen iPod Nano added a camera – making it a great device for those on the move

iPod Classic 4th Gen

The 4th Gen Classic was what really put Apple in the limelight – the popularity and cachet of the 20GB and 40GB models were undeniable.

iPod Shuffle 1st Gen

The iPod Shuffle was perfect for the gym freak – near indestructible and with a single-minded purpose of playing music

iPod Nano 7th Gen

The latest iPod Nano is a full-screen effort and offers users a fantastic all-round and affordable media experience

iPod Shuffle 2nd Gen

The second Gen shuffle, with its square clip-on styling, is a triumph of minimalistic industrial design – a true Apple product!

IPod Mini

The iPod Mini was replaced by the iPod Nano, but in its heyday, was the iPod of choice for those on the move

Apple’s iPods may only have been around for a short time, but in just over a decade, they have become perhaps the most iconic consumer product of the 21st century!

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