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Academic Mac Software Review

This article includes some basic, yet the finest, Mac software which are used on daily basis. Academic Mac Software review for more details. 

Mac OS is celebrated as the series of rich GUI (Graphical user interface) based operating system developed by technology giants Apple Inc. For Macintosh line of computers. The first and the original version was the unnamed and integral system which came into existence in the year 1984.

Mac has gained immense popularity among the teenagers and the college going students in recent times. As they lavishly facilitated students with a of around 15% on every Macintosh purchase.In past, Mac offered lesser number of applications in all niches .But now due to the technology enhancement and development there has been an increase in the academic software category. Some of the highly noted academic mac software are;


It is a word processor which follows the idea of WYSIWYM (which refers to what you see is what you mean) which is opposed to the WYSI WYG (which refers to what you see is what you get). It helps the user in entering the text and documentation without being bothered about the layout. The processing is handled via the TeX system. It is referred as the type setting which is used widely across the world for academic purposes. As it results in  professional  looking documents. It is also useful for those who are working on the calculation and mathematical equation editor. It could be used for the purpose of writing essays or notes while being dictated in the college. Although it’s quite complicated but surely in the long run it does save the time for the user working on it.

  • iWork

It is one of the best word processors available out there. It does highlight three key features which are Numbers (spreadsheet), pages (word Processing) and Key note (which is also referred as presentations). It is considered one of the best supplements for Microsoft Office products for Mac platform .iWork has been meticulously priced too, keeping in mind the requirements of academic users.

  • Post-box

One of the beneficial tools which incorporate the details of all the email id’s at the single centralized location. Users who are using it don’t have to open different browsers and check for the mails separately as they can configure all the mail clients at a single location and check the mails without browsing helter-skelter for the important mails. It combines all mails from the accounts and organizes the mails into the different folders (especially beneficial for those who wish to have the topics or sub headers based on the mail subject line). Post-box syncs Facebook friend list with the address book.

  • Adium

It’s a chat application which is especially designed for Mac users and support the different chat services and the protocols which includes-Face book, AIM,ICQ, Yahoo messenger and MSN. The UI of the chat is quite impressive and does integrate well with Mac user interface. The application well connects with the Address book and also offers a galaxy of emoticons in various formats.

By extending the product base and support for Academic products Mac has only added to their list of patrons and enthusiasts. Since inception Mac has been responsible for offering the world with a rich and unique computer eco system. The various academic softwares also follow MAC’s legacy!

Hope this article about Academic Mac Software helped you.

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