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How to Turn on Browser Cookies Functionality

Cookies provide many important features for browser and helps users too. Get tips on how to turn on browser cookies functionality.

Cookies, also referred as trackers are encrypted files located in the temp directory of the browser. They are used by most browsers (sometimes by users too) for ease of navigation and data transport. As there are some specific roles which are performed by the cookies, so if they are disabled then there may be chances that users will not be able to access the complete content or functionalities of some websites.  A cookie tracks the site visitor information and other secure information of users.

For instance if you visit a website on a regular basis and don’t wish to type in the password every time you can enable cookies which will record and remember your password. If you wish to turn on the cookies there are two different methods which can be followed. One is automating and the other, manual way of handling. Here is how you can turn on cookies in steam browser.


For automatic setting the user doesn’t have to bother much. The user just needs to enable a single setting from the menu.

  • You will have to click on the wrench button (which is available on the top right corner of the Chrome browser window).
  • When the drop down menu appears click on settings.
  • For expanding the settings menu, you will have to click on the advanced button which is available in the settings.
  • When you have reached the advanced settings, you should select the privacy option. In the privacy option you will have to choose the Content settings options button
  • Once you are there you will have to select the local data for the setting.
  • In case you wish to stop any promotional popup or advertisements from the other parties, then you should check box which is available next to the block of the third party cookies.

Manual Handling of the cookies

How to Turn on Cookies in Steam Browser

You can select the sites from where you wish to enable cookies inflow. In case you just want to select some specific cookies only for preferred websites you can set that as well. For doing so, you will have to select the option of “blocked sites” from where you will be setting unique data ( like disabling the cookies in the single go) and then you have to open the option of Manage Exceptions.  When the menu opens up then you can add the list of the hostname/web addresses which you trust. For example you could mention for allowing active cookies download. And whenever you login– you don’t have to enter the username and password.  When you login you are on the first page of the profile page. There is no specific restriction with regards to adding of the cookies on the browser, and you will be noticing that the sites which you have added are working smoothly without any hindrance. Similarly, if you are using the steam interface for playing any highly interactive games you can use your standard browser settings as mentioned above to turn on cookie handling.



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