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How to Make a Website For Kids For Free

Creating a website for kids for putting their fun and learning together, is a great idea. Learn how to make a website for kids for free. 

The world of the internet has offered enough exposure to the kids also, especially those ranging in between the age of eight to twelve. Children in this age group are sure about their computer skills, and they love to spend time on the internet visiting various sites. So creating a website especially for them will be rather a fun-filled and creative activity.

Parental control is essential when your child is using the internet because it is resplendent with adult content. When you create a website that is especially made for them they will engage themselves in exploring their own site rather than searching for inappropriate adult content on the web.

Steps on how to create make a website for free for kids.

1. Firstly, you will have to choose a web host that caters to the needs of the kid’s website. You may search online, and some of the common choices are Google Sites, Bravenet and Weebly. Just inquire whether the hosting company offers control over the content being viewed on the site. The hosting company must also provide easy accessible tools for the creation of web page suitable for children. Advertisement is an integral part and even though hosting companies offer few advertisements that are suitable only for children yet you must check it beforehand.

2. Just note that if you are using your ISP for hosting website that you are creating you may have to use HTML tool for editing. It may rather be simpler to host your site with hosting companies that offer free to make a website for kids for free

3. Then register with your web host, to get an account and then sign in. You will have to decide a name for your domain and choose some interesting names like ‘’. Such names reflect the basic idea of your website and can be easily remembered too.

4. Now it is time for choosing the page layout and your kids may be involved in doing so. They will be excited to be part of its planning. After the selection has been done, you will have to “Submit” the page.

5. If you want to stimulate and attract the child’s mind, then use vibrant colors and animated graphics on the website. Most of the web hosting companies offers some free graphics like “” to get web graphics that are child friendly.

6. Add widgets, gadgets, videos and photos, and if there  is some ready-made children content available use them and if you are aware of some links that are suitable for this age group you may add them to the pages.

7. Without adding games the kids sites are incomplete. There are free shockwave games, flash and JavaScript games on the web. Use these scripts to put some suitable games because games are very popular among this age group. Just copy the embedded code and then paste it on the web pages by using the tools given by your web hosting service provider.

8. Music is also an integral part of kid’s websites, and you must add some suitable music for this age group. Music stimulates the minds and allowing children to listen to music on their websites will simply fascinate them.

9. Make a signing up page as the first page of your kid’s website that will require parents presence to sign him up. This allows the children to put in their details under the scrutiny of their parents.

Warnings: Just beware; children must never disclose any personal details on the internet, and the guardians eyes is the best ‘Net nanny’ watching their kids using computer in the same room.

Hope this article about how to make a Website for kids for Free helped you.

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