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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Review

This Monster hunter 3 ultimate review is given in the article so that you can explore better for this.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is the most popular action role playing video game that can be played on many gaming consoles like PlayStation 2& 3, PlayStation Portable, Xbox 360, Windows, Nintendo 3DS, iOS and Wii and Wii U. Initially developed for PlayStation 2 by Capcom, this Japanese game got the worldwide attention in a short span of time and now enjoying a cult status amongst game lovers. By end of December, 2012 more than 26 million copies of this game have been sold across the globe. This is evident as to how popular is this game.

 Game Theme

Monster Hunter, as the name itself suggests is a role playing action game wherein the player assumes the role of a hunter and undertake several quests to hunt down various monsters. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is the latest series of the original Monster Hunter game.

Just like the first episode, the story of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is set in a prehistoric environment in which a village named a Moga is being hit by earthquakes caused by a great sea monster called ‘Lagiacrus.’ Now, the village in need of a hero who could catch or kill the monster and save the village and that hero would be the player himself/herself.

More troubles are going to rock the Moga village as many species of monsters are becoming active. The original trouble maker ‘Lagiacrus’ is destroying the ships and coming very close to the village posing a threat to the lives of the villagers. The player, acting as a hired Monster Hunter, has to use all the skills to tame or kill these monsters including Lagiacrus. But the game is more action oriented than the story itself.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: The Ultimate Hunt Begins

The infographic above comes courtesy of Nintendo UK. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is available on the Wii U, Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL

 Pick up the Weapon

Once the player is ready to go on adventures, first they need to pick up a character and suitable weapons like sword and shield, dual swords, great sword, hammer, lance etc. Some of these weapons are given to the player at the beginning of the game itself and other upgraded arms must be achieved by completing certain tasks.

Along with the weapons, players have to pick up the right armor to protect their characters from getting killed by the monsters. Similar to weapons there are low level, high level and special armors available. Each type of armor gives certain special skills to the character that can be used to win the conquests.

Hunting & other adventures

In Monster Hunter, it is all about hunting the monsters. Players have to progress from one quest to another by successfully completing the each one. There are low starred and high starred quests and players can play high star quests by completing the lower ones only. Players can have the ultimate experience of gaming as each hunt takes place in unique environments and scenic settings. There is no dearth for varieties of monsters and there are some fun filled monster characters like plant eaters. Usually there are harmless but would attack the players if they kick or hurt the baby plant eaters. Every kill gets resources or rewards for the players which can be used to complete other tasks. During the course of completing the quest, players can collect different items/objects that would be of great help in all their endeavors. Monster Hunter Ultimate: The Ultimate Hunt Begins is an adrenaline pumping action game that could be enjoyed by one and all. Buy your copy today to prove your gaming skills.


Monster Hunter Ultimate : The Ultimate Hunt Begins is an adrenaline pumping action game that could be enjoyed by one and all. Buy your copy today to prove your gaming skills.

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