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Sitelinks Google

Google sitelinks is an effective and aesthetically superior way of search engine optimization. Learn the tips on sitelinks Google.

You are aware that Google is one of the major search engines used by millions of net surfers from almost all countries in the world. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an online marketing tactic that helps websites to get high traffics driven from Google or from any other search engine.

SEO can be achieved by deploying different strategies like including keywords in the title and body of the article or by making certain words in italics, bold and underlines. But Google sitelinks is an effective and aesthetically superior way of search engine optimization. Sitelinks show up on the first page of the Google search in the following format:

 Tips to Get Google Sitelinks


In the above image 1 indicates the main search result i.e. a website and 2 indicate Sitelinks of the website shown in 1.

What does Google sitelinks indicate?

Sitelinks of Google are the sub-listings of a website that has shown up on the search page. Google tries to suggest the users to explore these links too for fetching the information that they are searching.

How to add Google Sitelinks to your website?

Google has automated this process as part of their Webmaster tools. We would explain to you as to how to get the Google sitelinks for your website.

  • First thing first. You should submit your website to Google search engine.
  • If there are any broken links rectify them immediately. To give little information on the broken links, they are the bad links that do not show up the desired webpage but displays an error message. Such rotten links can spoil your website’s optimization process. Hence it is highly desirable to identify and remove such links.
  • Similar to broken links, you must identify and remove CSS related errors. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet which is a kind of language used to describe the style and presentation of a webpage. These sheets must be free of errors as it could affect the webpage’s optimization.
  • After ensuring the technical aspects that are mentioned above now turn your attention towards the content of your website. Every webpage should be filled with content that is rich in SEO by having the highly productive keywords/phrases.
  • Use the page linking effectively by linking different articles of your website. Linking the web pages improves the page views by prompting the visitors to keep reading the related articles.
  • Make some of your prominent articles as static pages.
  • Focus on improving the Page Rank (PR) for each webpage of your website. PR service is again from Google and the metrics are calculated by collecting the trends from Google toolbar users. By installing the toolbar on your browser you can see the ranking for yourself.
  • Analyze the web statistics and use them to your advantage by building great content.
  • Use the social media networks to promote your content. Also, build the backlinks for your website by asking your friends to provide a link to your website from their websites or blogs.

With all the above in place, it is very easy for you to impress Google to create Sitelinks.

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