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Best Social Media Search Engines

To search something through a social approach their requires the social media search engine. Know best social media search engines over here. 

Social Media Search Engines are designed for people who want to search only social networks. These search engines help you to figure out the exact results, which you have searched by omitting the unwanted, ones.

Best Social Media Search Engines

Usually, if you search for a person or any other keyword in a search engine, the most popular results that might occur would be Social networking pages and profiles.

As many of the internet users are spending their time in finding out one or the other keyword by using a search engine, social media search engines play a crucial role. Let us peek at some of the best social media search engines.

Google Social Search

The Google Social Search feature allows you to search and get a result that comes within the social circle of your own.

While using the features of this search engine, you may get the filtered result after using the more search tools, which is in the left hand side of the screen, and then by selecting the social option when you see more results displayed. However, ensure that you are signed into Google, to avail this facility.

Samepoint is more focused onto the conversations happened on a particular keyword you have searched for. The results from Samepoint will be displayed as a content stream, which provides part of the conversation, with the symbol of the social website on which that particular conversation is taking place.

You can use your Facebook, twitter or any other social login details gain access to You have different ways to solve the search results from the options listed on the top of the screen. Some of the options listed are –Social Mentions (On The web), Real-time, top topics/brand search, Blogs etc.

YoName is a place where people search primarily for social networks, blogs etc. This social media search engine supports many of the social networking websites such as Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, etc.

You may search by simply typing first name, last name, username, email address or phone number into the search field then click ‘Yo!’ to get the matching results. The search results are displayed in a tabbed format with respect to the various social networking websites.

Using SocialMention, a person can search for anything as per his choice –bookmarks, networks, blogs, micro blogs, comments, events, images, videos and many more. This social media search engine allows us to create email alerts for the search results that need to be sent to our email. This search engine is primarily intended for firms, to see what people say about their products.


Folowen has a social search covered for almost all of the leading social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, hi5, and LinkedIn, which is powered by Google. Folowen search results are displayed sorted by the social networking sites, showing the best result for each of the sites.

Bing Social

The social search feature provided by Bing is darned compelling. Even this searches for various social media, but twitter plays a pivotal role here. Bing allows us to see the ‘most recent’ and ‘best match’ results for our search keyword.

Twitter Search

This is the best ever search tool for having a decent dig in and around twitter which allows to search for a particular person, tweets from different locations, type of tweets, tweets to you and your retweets etc. is a social media search engine that is totally dedicated to Facebook and Twitter. You may opt for search if you are a big fan of these to social networks.

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