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Myspace Ads Hubpages Rejection

Hubpages got a rejection from Myspace customer service quoting it as a competitor of myspace which is not true factually

This is one incident that made me laugh at the biggest social network of the planet called MySpace.And this must be quite embarassing for them to be into such a situation.The actual fault lies in their CRM deptt.

Recently,a post on TechCrunch revealed what went behind the curtains with Hubpages,a startup that lets users write articles and earn revenues from their write-ups.Interestingly,hubpages got screwed by myspace customer execs three consecutive times,for quite illogical reasons.

Like every other startup looking for more visitors,Hubpages marketing manager,Ryan Hupfer went ahead with the newly launched MySpace My Ads,a self service ad platform to create and advertise Hubpages on MySpace.

Here’s the meat of the incident.Hupfer received three consecutive replies from customer execs of Myspace saying that “hubpages ads are not acceptable because MySpace does not promote its competitors”.

In other words,they called Hubpages a social network.Pay a visit to Hubpages and if you’re using web for a while then you will yourself realise that Hubpages is not at all a social network.

So,who’s the loser here ? Obviously MySpace coz they are losing their precious customers.

After Techcrunch’s courtesy,the matter got resolved and the reason was ‘mistake in customer service front’

So,there’s one thing for sure that MySpace can learn from this incident.Get its customer execs some more web awareness classes to avoid any such things happen again.

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