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Best Twitter Apps to Manage Multiple Accounts

It is difficult to manage multiple accounts all together. Learn about the best twitter apps to manage multiple accounts.

It might be difficult for people to manage multiple social media and email accounts by logging in separately to each of them and also to remember the username and passwords for each.

There are plenty of Apps which can help you to manage with multiple accounts easily. You can tweet to multiple twitter accounts on your desktop using such apps and there are certain add-ons for browsers which can help in accessing multiple Twitter accounts.

best twitter apps to manage multiple accounts


Digsby is a very popular Desktop App which is known for multiple IM client support and it can help in managing multiple Twitter accounts and access different social media platforms with a single login.

It allows you to chat with friends on various platforms like Yahoo, MSN, AIM, Google Talk, Jabber etc. and helps you to manage a single list of contacts.

You can get notification for every new mail from different accounts. It is very good tool to manage accounts on different social media like Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace and Facebook and allows easier management of multiple Twitter account.

There is a feature called Social network Infobox which provides real-time news feeds on updates from your friends.

You can get status updates, new photos and upcoming birthdays. You can also customize the look and feel of this app with various skins and themes. You can tweet to multiple Twitter accounts easily through this App.


Another Desktop App which helps you to view a stream of tweets from multiple Twitter accounts and to post tweets to different accounts in the same time. This app was done as a personal project by 3 colleagues named Albert Garcia, Albert Lombarte and Albert Lopez who spent a weekend on initial version. It is especially useful for corporate users who want to promote their brands with Twitter.


TwittBot is a popular App which helps in updating multiple Twitter accounts at the same time and also allows multiple people to update same account. The service will check for @replies and repost to certain mentioned Twitter accounts. It will be accessible to any single person or group of individuals. It is a very good tool for updating Twitter account with posts from different sources.


For managing multiple Twitter accounts through web which is somewhat different from others, Tweet3 is a very good tool. It offers a dashboard view for every Twitter account, which can be personalized in terms of color, follow or unfollow other Twitter users, integrated with social media like Facebook and post updates to multiple accounts at same time.

It will also track the performance of the Tweets in terms of retweet and show the results in analytics tab. It can be useful for business users to want to analyze the performance of their tweets to find out the reach among followers.


Hootsuite is a popular app to manage multiple social networking accounts and help you to save your time. It has an intuitive user interface with dashboard design for you to update multiple accounts from different social media like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare etc.

Using Hootsuite, you can schedule Tweets for multiple Twitter accounts, track the status of different tweets, follow and unfollow other Twitter users, monitor Sent Tweets, mentions, Favorite tweets, direct messages etc.

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