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Binpress Review

Binpress is one of the best marketplace for commercial open-source projects. Binpress review will help to get complete details about it.

Most companies these days spend a substantial amount of funds on buying or developing software/solutions, but are not aware that these codes (APIs) or frameworks are probably in place already, developed by someone in some other region. Binpress, a platform for commercial open source projects provides exactly this solution so that entrepreneurs and companies do not end up losing funds unnecessarily.

Some of the major Advantages of the website are:

  • Number of platforms to work on
  • Templates classified for mobile and desktop and websites
  • Best marketing and distribution channel
  • No registration fees for writers and publishers
  • No bindings of exclusivity and rights of publishing

The website, is very accommodating and asks the users which type of platform they are working on. Users can select from a list comprising of website, mobile app and desktop app as per their requirement. The best part about the website is that it offers an end to end solution for all types of open source projects based on various platforms. It offers choices among Objective-C, Java, PHP, C #, JavaScript, Ruby, Python and C / C++. Users can log on to the site and gather the necessary codes structure for their software, website or applications.

Some of the most popular application templates listed is the story book app template for iOS, quiz app template for iPhone and iPad and photo effects app template for iOS. The advantage for having these templates are that users can always add their special feature and USP and won’t have to go through the pain of writing the entire set of code all over again. Some other templates can be readily plugged into the app being prepared by users and this saves a lot of time and money.

Another important feature of the website is that it allows the website visitors to participate in creating new open source projects. Thus it is a great way of assembling a varied work force from around the globe at (near) zero cost. It allows participants to write on a number of listed platforms and their reusable codes are packaged and given a commercial license. Binpress handles the distribution and selling of the articles and also the marketing of the open source projects. Binpress provides the necessary remuneration for their writers and some even consider this as their day job.

Free Open source does not necessarily mean that the templates are available for zero prices. The free aspect essentially allows the users to freely express their individuality of work by using these templates. It also provides a freedom for the writers of the templates to express their creativity.

A major advantage at Binpress is that they do not charge any registration fees for partners and first time writers. Visitors can list on Binpress and go through the technical review at no additional cost. They take a minimum commission of 30% on every sale made. This commission fee covers the processing fees and the services provided by them such as distribution, marketing, advertising and sales.

Another plus point is that writers can list their work on other website as well and there is no special fees charged for it. This is because Binpress has a very high success rate for converting sales and most publishers find it convenient to use the services offered by Binpress.

The verdict:

Binpress is one website that meets the end to end solution of publishers as well as people looking for open source software templates. Very nominal money is charged for the templates used, but prices have to be charged considering the fact that a large number of writers are pulled in to the website for submitting their works. Also, commission from publishers is also nominal, considering the marketing and distribution costs involved. As per our review, this website gets our “thumbs up”. Binpress is definitely the marketplace for your open source solutions.

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