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Five Creative Ways to Find a Job With Social Media

Social media is making it easier to find the right jobs. Get the top five creative ways to find a job with Social media in this article.

The social media is something that has touched the lives of almost all people- if it can help you find your friends it can also help you find your desired employers. Are you still wondering how? Social media can get you connected to the right people. In fact,  the traditional job searching websites are now giving poor results.

Just to give you the idea of how poor the results are here is the story of a woman who applied to one thousand openings in ninety nine weeks’ time span to get an interview call from only two concerns. Also, the ratio of unemployment is rising, and on an average the job hunting is given up by five months. So it is time you realize the market, where the potential employers are logging on to for eligible talents and use it. Increasing number of companies are thronging at the social networking sites and recruiting via them.

Here are some creative ways to bag a job-

1. Leverage the steering of the social graph Five creative ways to find a job with Social media

The more you connect to people more your chances improve to bag a job. By creating profiles at Social media sites and adding personal connections with various people belonging to eminent positions in the industry can enhance your chances. Simply posting in resume does not work nowadays, you must follow friends find out whom they know in the industry they want to work and get connected to them.

2. Use LinkedIn and

The world of the internet is at your disposal now, and you can use some of the social media platforms on gadgets like LinkedIn and LinkedIn is one of those faithful platform that get people connected. If you want to follow a managerial cadre try this site, create your profile, upload the email addresses and then look out for the company or designation you want to join. You could even filter your choices by locations. is yet another portal, and since it is connected to and Facebook, it can get you connected to the desired openings.

3. Use the job searching apps

Are you aware that close to twenty per cent of job seekers use their smartphones and android to look out for Jobs via Social media sites? If you have an iPhone, you can try Layar app. Once you have downloaded the app navigate to the menu at the bottom and look out for JobAmp Mobile to get idea of all the job openings in companies near you. Similarly other potential apps with social media integration are CareerBliss, GoodJob, and BusyBee.

4. Forget the paper resumes

The world has gone far ahead and don’t even bother to create a hard-copy of your resume. Try to make multimedia copies like on, or a personalized blog, or even videos at Viral Videos to create an impact on the recruiter by sharing the links on Facebook, LinkedIn etc. This is rather akin to promotional tricks and is highly rated because very often will you come across this kind of resume!

5. Facebook interaction

The easiest way to get connected to the company is to like the company page on Facebook. Be smart to send promotional link of your talents and education. Keep track of those who are connected to this link and if you are insightful in the comments that you make you can surely attract the attention of the recruiters. Also try to post ads on Facebook like thanking an HR executive for an opportunity and this trick will definitely create visibility.

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