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OpenAI’s Internal Messaging system got hacked in 2023: Report

Here is today’s top trending news from the world of technology. News that every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


OpenAI’s Internal Messaging system got hacked in 2023: Report

According to a sensational revelation by New York Times (NYT), Last year (2023), a unknown hacker got access to OpenAI’s internal messaging system. The access allowed him to gain some important details about OpenAI’s AI technologies, after the hacker intercepted some of the messages and discussions in OpenAI’s dedicated online forum. But there is still no clarity about the sensitivity of the detail nor the AI technologies he supposedly got access to. When the company’s board was made aware of the incident, it reportedly tried to suppress the news. However, NYT article claimed that the ChatGPT’s parent company did take measures to improve its internal security and make it full-proof against the future hacking system.


Cloudflare launches tool to prevent AI bots from scrapping websites

Image source: Cloudflare blog

Since the boom of generative AI, predatory AI bots trying to scrap sensitive data from websites has become a major pain point. But seems like cloud service provider ‘Cloudflare’ has found a solution. It has just rolled out a tool that will supposedly prevent AI bots from scrapping the websites. The great news is that this is a free tool, which means that even free plan subscribers can use it. However, the efficiency of this tool is yet to be tested. This development comes amid growing concern that many AI companies’ AI bots are bypassing robots.txt and extracting important data from websites. The recent incident about AI search firm Perplexity allegedly not respecting robots.txt has brought focus on this controversial practice.


Threads has 175 million active users as it inches to one year anniversary

Mark Zuckerberg’s ambitious project Threads, which directly competes with Elon Musk’s Twitter, has now 175 monthly active users. Zuckerberg revealed this information in a latest blog post though this claim is yet to be independently verified. However, the company refused to share the numbers of daily active users on the platform, which suggest that users are still not spending quality time on Threads. There are also concerns that Meta’s microblogging platform is still getting much of its traffic mainly from its promotional activities in Instagram. Nonetheless, it is still too early to judge the fate of Threads, which still lacks many standard features of Twitter.


ElevenLabs rolls out ‘AI voice isolator’    

It has been barely few days that ElevenLabs created a buzz by bringing digitally produced voices of deceased Hollywood actors on its platform. Now it has launched yet another new tool, AI voice Isolator. This new tool will let creators to remove irritating ambient noise and sound from any piece of content. This great news is that this is a free tool. Although this is a welcome feature, ElevenLabs isn’t the first company to offer this feature. In fact, it is a widely available feature in the market. Adobe already offers this feature to its users.


ChatGPT Mac raises security concerns, OpenAI launches a fix

Barely weeks after OpenAI launched its maiden app for MacOS, the app has reported a security problem. It has come to light that ChatGPT’s Mac app was storing user conversation in plain text, which implied that it wasn’t encrypted. Making them susceptible to malwares and malicious apps. The good thing though is OpenAI reacted quickly and immediately launched an update to fix the problem. It is, therefore, requested that Mac users should immediately update their ChatGPT app.

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