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Social Media Marketing Blog

Social media is useful for promoting your blog by using social networking websites. Learn more about social media marketing blog.

Guest Blogging and Benefits

Guest blogging is win-win situation for both parties as there are benefits for both of them. The bloggers get free inbound links and more visitors for their blog, while blog owners get good content free of cost.

Social Media Marketing Blog

If you are good at guest blogging, then you should find out the best blogs where you can post your contents and attract more visitors.

You can search for blogs through contact authors, links, Google blog search etc. There are various benefits due to guest blogging which are explained below,

Inbound Links from Other Blogs

Inbound links are very important to popularize your blog and in order to get good Google ranking. By guest blogging, you can attract traffic from other blogs through inbound links. Guest blogging is hence an easy and effective way to promote your blog by creating backlinks.

Increased Traffic

By posting interesting articles on other blogs, you will get more readers who will also visit your blog through backlinks on posted articles. This will create a very good increase in traffic for your blog and better search engine ranking indeed.

More Subscribers

The more readers and subscribers you get for your blog is very important for its success. In order to get more subscribers, it’s necessary that you promote your blog through guest blogging. With guest blogging, your credibility as a blogger and expertise is established to visitors of other blogs who will become subscribers for your blog also.


Based on research it has been stated that branding is very important for any blog to succeed. In order to create a brand for your blog, you should post good articles on popular blogs with backlinks to your blog. By guest blogging on popular websites, you can create a brand name for yourself.

Guest blogging is very good opportunity for all involved parties. You might be an expert in particular subject and when you write a guest post on some other website which includes your biography at the bottom, your expertise will get established to more readers and you can promote your blog easily.

Social Media Blogging and Benefits

Similar to guest blogging, social media is another popular way to promote your blogs. You just have to copy links from your blog and paste it on social media websites like Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. This can definitely create a very good exposure to your blog as it reaches plenty of users at same time with very less effort. It does not require you to spend much time like guest blogging where you need to post unique contents on other blogs.

Sharing your blog posts on social media platforms like Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus can definitely gain good exposure for your content. There are various benefits for each platform and methods of promoting your blog vary in each platform.

Promoting through Google+

Google Plus is another popular social media platform where you can share your blog posts and generate good amount of traffic. Since its product of Google, there are more chances of your blog getting listed on top of search engines if you post it in Google+. As Google indexes the updates from Google+, your blog posts will be found in top of Google search results and this will create more visitors for you.

Social Media Marketing Blog

Promoting through Tumblr

Tumblr is one of the very good social media platforms to share your blog posts with either “photo” or “text” option. Once you publish a post in your blog, just copy the HTML code generated and drop it to Tumblr. You should provide an interesting title for the blog and a thumbnail would be of good help.

You can also add a backlink to your blog post and this can generate more visitors for you. Once you choose the “HTML” option and paste your code, click the Update button and your blog post will appear on Tumblr. It also has a WYSIWYG editor which allows you to edit the contents.

You can also add some tags with relevant keywords so that your blog gets listed on top when users search using those keywords. Similar to guest blogging, Tumblr allows you to get inbound links for your blog and increases traffic.

Promoting through Twitter/ Facebook / LinkedIn

One of the biggest social media platforms is Facebook with more than 800 million users. You can use client applications like Hoot suite to post your blogs on different platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn simultaneously.

By doing so, you can save lot of time as you need to login separately to each platform. You should choose images matching the post and Facebook automatically takes images from web links making your job easier.

For promoting your blog among professionals and business people, LinkedIn is the platform. Suppose if you want to promote some product through your blog, you can achieve it easily through LinkedIn. You should create a good profile in LinkedIn and you can post updates on regular basis containing back links to your blog posts. Similarly in Twitter, you can create a profile and start posting your blog links on Tweets.

You can convert your twitter followers to subscribers for your blog. You can use the options like promoted tweets and promoted accounts to popularize your blog through Twitter. Facebook fan pages are one of the best ways to promote your blog.

Create a neat profile and start posting your blog links on Fan pages. Try to add more friends and post comments on pages of other users as well. You can organize events and contents to attract more fans to like your page and make your blog very popular.

All the social media platforms have their own advantage and by using them effectively, you can generate more number of visitors for your blog and promote it easily.

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