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Technology Trends and Benefits For Seniors

Technology has come a long way over the course and have many ways to help seniors,  Know all the latest technology trends and benefits for seniors.

The words Technology and seniors are usually not linked with one another but it’s been proved through research that technology has a great role in senior care. Some of the recent technology trends have been helpful for family caregivers to take care of elderly people. As per data gathered through research, around seventy percent of caregivers collect health information through online resources and more than fifty percent take part in online social activities associated with health which helps in diagnosis of problems related with elderly people.

Apart from searching information for diseases, diagnosis, drugs and treatment lot of people find useful details based on personal experiences of other users through online forums and social media. Some of the latest technology trends which have benefitted seniors include,

GPS Technology

GPS trackers can be attached to the wrist or dress of elders which can inform their location to caregivers. Also it can be used to give alerts to the family members or caregivers through email or text when the person goes beyond a geographical limit.

Personal Emergency Response System (PERS)

Technology Trends and Benefits For Seniors

This is one of the latest technologies which are concerned with safety of elderly people. Based on survey it has been proved that eighty to ninety percent of seniors wish to stay in own home when they become older. The PERS device helps the seniors to call for help during emergency situation with single button push.  It gives the family caregivers and senior’s peace of mind since they always have the PERS device and can seek for emergency help anytime. This is especially helpful for seniors who have dementias, Alzheimer’s disease and other critical disorders.

Medication Reminders:

There are plenty of Android Apps which can helpful for seniors to remind them for taking medications at the right time. There are many chances that they will forget a prescription and won’t take the medicine. Tools like MedMiner and Tabsafe can be used for setting reminders and also iPhone Apps like MedCoach can be used to monitor and set medication reminders for them. Seniors can make use of smart phone apps like Rxmindme to avoid medication errors and missing medications. They can also provide alerts when medication is going to get over and needs to be refilled.

Travel Related Apps:

Seniors usually have a hard time finding the right trains or flights to travel the right destinations. Also they might not be aware of the optimal paths and cheap flights. There are plenty of Android and iPhone apps which can help them to book cheapest flights and hotels easily. Also they can spot the best hotels and hospitals/Medicare centers nearby with help of such Apps.

Wireless Home Monitoring

Another important technology trend which can help the seniors is home-based monitor system which can alert the family caregivers on their health status and call them in case of any emergency situation. There is plenty of health tracking tools which gives constant inputs to the family care givers by monitoring the seniors. Cloud based health tracking systems and smart phone apps can assist family caregivers to monitor the health of seniors and maintain important information like medication schedules, physician contacts and medical history up to date.

Social Media

Since seniors cannot travel frequently to meet their loved ones who are in distant locations or other countries, they can make use of social media and modern communication tools to stay in touch with their loved ones. Tools like Skype and Gtalk can be used to have video conferencing with people in distance locations. Also by using Social media like Facebook and Google Plus, seniors can interact with their friends and family members at remote places.



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