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How to Improve WiFi Signal on Android

Using android with low speed internet sucks the fun of using a smartphone. Learn how to improve WiFi signal in Android in this article.

Very often people grind their teeth in agitation because the WiFi signal is not sufficient! This is the plight of many. The cell phones are supplied with inbuilt antennas, and the antennas determine the strength of the signal. The signal strength in your locality and the position of the antenna in your cell phone all determine what kind of WiFi connection you will be experiencing, so it is all about the electromagnetic waves that are being received and transmitted that cause such inconvenience.

But is it possible to improve the strength of the waves by any chance? It will be sure. Here are some aspects that will help along with some apps that work miracles in the improvement of WiFi signals on your android.

Find the Location of the Antenna

To begin with, the best way to improve the signals on Android is to know your cell phone. Go through the manual and find out where exactly the antenna is placed. Obstructions like hands stop the electromagnetic signals reaching the antenna. So hold the cell in places where you do not obstruct. The best way is to talk on the hands free mode if the signal is weak.

Go Close to Windows

An indoor reception is weak in all homes, and it is not because you are using a cheaper handset. The waves have to pass via concrete, pipes, metal and all that come in the way and in the process they get distorted and loose strength. In this case also it is best you go close to the window and then talk. If you have a cell tower close by, then try to face it.

Try Other Options how to improve wifi signal on android

The only other option that you have in case your WiFi signals are weak is going for VoIP calls, provided you have a good internet connection. You can set up with Google Voice stating your phone number and then route the calls via the cell phone you are using.

Mapping the Signal with Apps

Have you ever tried to find out which part of the house gets the strongest WiFi signal? Well certain apps help you to locate signals, even if they cannot make them stronger. Mapping via apps has become exceedingly common, why don’t you utilize it too! Here are some of the mapping apps-

  • Open Signals 2

This mapping app has been lately updated. Even though, the earlier version did not prove to be so promising, this one looks pretty good. With this map,  it will point you towards the strongest WiFi signal center. So you will not have to keep guessing as to where to go in case the signal strength is varying. It will also suggest you which WiFi you are using and in case you have changed location, which free network is available. You can download the app from Google Play Store.

  • WiFi Overview 360

This is also a highly convenient app in the same genre and the Channel checker as well as the channel radar helps you to locate the strongest signals. What else you may expect? You may also expect Channel number, Encryption, free networks and name and signal strength all free of cost.

  • Network Signal Info

This app is also extremely handy in mapping WiFi signals. It never improves your signal; rather it helps you determine signal strength. You must have noticed that the signal bars are all in place, but still you have a slow internet or disturbed call. If you have this app downloaded then you will know for sure with the 14 bars the strength of the signal.

So the best way is to download apps to enjoy uninterrupted WiFi signals on your cell phones.

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