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How to Optimize Blog for Mobile

One of the most important things for blogging success is user experience on website. Get tips on how to optimize blog for mobile.

As everyone owns a Smartphone, it goes without saying that a blog is no more confined to just computers. A blog that would fit a Smartphone and a tablet is the best way to reach audiences of all sorts. When on the go the readers can still enjoy reading any sort of blog, if it is optimized for the mobile phones.

Why should you optimize the blog?

This is the question many bloggers have in mind. The answer is simple. Many people use the browsers to surf online using the mobile phones and in fact this number keeps growing. At least 1/5 of the mobile users across the world use Smartphones. As each year goes on, the number keeps increasing. Studies prove that in countries like US, UK, Germany, France, and Japan, people often tend to use the Smartphones to go online rather than the PCs or laptops.

How to optimize the blog?

You may need ideas to optimize the blog in blogger and WordPress. This is a very simple task and is not complex. Here goes the step by step instruction that tells you how to optimize the blog in Blogger.
how to optimize blog for mobile

  • Go to your Blogger Dashboard
  • Go to your blog or select the preferred blog if you have more than one blog
  • There is a notepad icon and place your mouse cursor over that
  • In the drop down menu that appears click the option “Template”
  • Go to the Mobile option and click the icon called Gear
  • This opens a popup menu and you will be asked to choose a template for mobile
  • After you have selected the desired template, you need to save the changes

Optimize the blog for Joomla:

If you have Joomla blog that used content management system, and make it suitable for a Smartphone or mobile, then you can easily do this by downloading the Joomla Mobile extension. This custom made plug-in lets you install with step by step instructions.


If you have a blog developed with hard core HTML and CSS, then you need to develop a unique style to make it readable on mobile and Smartphones. This file has to be saved under the name mobile.css. When you create a new style you need to make sure that the style is suitable to use in a Smartphone. When you want to display the page on a Smartphone, you will obviously omit the sidebar, and images that are available on a web page.

Go to your In your dashboard, and select the appearance menu and click on the icon called mobile. The page called mobile options open up and a mobile theme is asked for. You need to select the mobile theme you prefer. Once, the theme you desire for your mobile display of the blog is chosen, then click update. This ensures that the changes are saved.


When you learn all about creating a style or installing the plugins, it is also necessary to concentrate on the design. When you are in the process of optimizing your blog for the Smartphones, then you need to create a smart design. The font size of the content should be 14px, instead of the regular 12px, which is followed for the computers. The line spacing is better if it is 1.5. Single spacing between the lines make them look clumsy. The drop down menus are not a good choice for the mobile blogs, so you need to bring down their numbers. Use them only if it is unavoidable. The navigation elements should also be spaced appropriately. Flash elements are not apt for mobile devices and removing them is a wise decision.

Hope this article will help you to optimize blog for Mobile.

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