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3 Quick and Easy Ways to Keep Up-to-Date with Blogging & Business News

Keep yourself updated with blogging and business news with the help of 3 quick and easy ways given in this article.

Being a news junkie has its benefits when it comes to blogging and business.

Not only do you have the knowledge of what’s happening in your industry so you can make a shift to capitalize on trends but you will be able to track the influencers of these markets to which you may reach out, build a connection, and work together to growth authority.

The unfortunate side-effect of trying to keep up with the news and its many sources mainly stems from the fact that there’s simply so much of it. Over time you can feel a burn-out because of so much information; you’ll also start to see your time being eaten by browsing the news rather than taking action on your website or business.

So, what’s the best way to keep up-to-date with blogging and business news without the nasty side-effects of getting in too deep?

1. Follow active Twitter profiles

Twitter is a great place to get connected with fellow individuals in your industry but perhaps one of the best uses for the platform is when you’re following the people that keep up-to-date with the industry news so you don’t have to.

For example, Nick Gholkar regularly updates his Twitter profile with business and blogging news and articles; his profile and keen eye for great content allows helps curate what’s out there so you’re not wasting a lot of time searching endlessly through blogs.

There are tons of others that do this, too, and all you need to do is utilize the Twitter Search along with your industry terms and hashtags to find and follow them.


2. Utilize aggregate news portals

There are countless news websites which can be a handful if you’re the type to bounce between your list when comparing coverage. Sure, you could import all these into an RSS reader but you’re still stuck with the monumental task of sorting through tons and tons of information.

The better alternative, in this case, is to use news aggregate portals that pool dozens of reputable news sources into one location, sorts them based on your criteria, and gives you a clean interface to streamline your consumption of the information.

Many of these sites also offer the ability to start accounts and begin crafting the data so you can further weed out the sources that you don’t want.

3. Cut out the filter and go to the source

Of course, you could always cut out these platforms all-together and go straight to the source of information by networking with those in your industry and keeping tabs on what they’re doing.

It’s likely you have a handful individuals you find influential and already follow; they may provide a glimpse into how the industry is changing but consider taking the next step by getting in contact and asking their professional opinion about the state of the industry, news, and their take on how things will change in the coming months.

Not only will you gain this information you seek but you’ll start to build a good relationship with these site owners, bloggers, and business owners which can lend aid to your projects, as well.

How do you keep track of news in your industry and what are you doing to integrate that knowledge into your blogging and business goals?

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