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How to Stop Spam Messages on Twitter

Spam messages are hated most and are the reason of irritation many time. Get tips on how to stop spam messages on twitter in this article.

If you tweet quite often, you might be getting irritated a lot by the messages that keep appearing to you as DM or direct messages from people or sites unknown to you. These are spam messages on your twitter which invite you to play quizes or games or entice you by telling you about gifts to be won etc. Read on to find how to stop getting these spm messages.

If you are an active Twitter user and love to post your updates to your followers, you may always be aware of a necessary evil called spam direct messages. You may be pleased to know that spam direct messages, though still evil, are not a necessary one. The number of spam direct messages come as auto DM. These mostly appear in your Inbox as uncalled-for invites. Some ask you to start playing a game while others ask you to be involved in a quiz. You may all be an avid gamer or a quiz enthusiast and love to get engaged in such activities. However, when these requests come unsolicited, they tend to irritate quite a bit. So it’s quite a difficult task when you desire to stop spam on Twitter DM.

To be brutally honest, most of us do not want to get engaged in such activities even when we are free online. Nobody has really got so much free time to satisfy when entertains others’ needs. These activities in the form of games, quizzes and surveys are not exciting at all and generally the one who spammed you is the only one who gets the benefit, not you.

The most important point is that you do not want to cram your inbox with unwelcome direct messages. In addition to that hazard it causes, it also hides the important ones which are valuable to you. You often lose critical direct messages in the crowd of spam DM’s. On the other hand, there are certain ways to claim your inbox back.

Auto DM’s

The majority of the spam DM’s are worthless. Simply because people are clueless on how they can engage people, they start sending worthless messages. It can be quite simple to prevent automated DM’s from cramming your inbox. The first of the tricks is to follow @optmeout on Twitter. Just a few minutes after you start following the user, they will follow you back. Now you can send a Direct Message to the user (@optmeout). You can send anything you want. It does not really matter. After sending the DM, unfollow the user. When you do the same, you’ll get another DM which confirms that you are not going to get automated DM’s anymore.

Poll Pigeon

Poll Pigeon is the mother of several top polls on Twitter. This is one of the biggest DM offenders. You have to go to the ‘pollpigeon’ web site and then move to the optout page. Then you must click the option that will stop all the DM’s to your inbox.

Twables / FB140

This website has a number of applications but the most well-known one is the one that lets your Facebook friend know that you have started using Twitter. The moment you start using this applications, it sends a DM to your followers. As you are a sufferer of spam DM’s yourself, you would not like to spam your friends either. That is why you should go to a web site called tables where you can opt out of the automated DM service.



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