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How to Hide ip Address on Android Phone

Sometimes, you may require to hide IP address on your android. Get tips on how to hide ip address on android phone in the article detailed below.

It’s raining Android smartphones! It is no exaggeration to say that these android phones are made for all. And the way in which the demand for Internet or other value added services on smartphones have gained momentum, these are no less that utility devices today! Users need to access internet or being always connected with social media, online shopping, infotainment, entertainment and the basic stuff e-mails whether business or personal. What most users are unaware is that whilst being present online most of the time. The IP address of the device gets exposed. It is not a good idea to have the ip address visible to everyone and you must hide it, if you haven’t already! Users prefer to hide the ip address on android phone to secure the information stored in their phones which includes many confidential information, bank account details, passwords and other credentials. Phones are more prone to intrusion on the Internet. By hiding the ip address, one can protect the identity of the individual. If you are an avid smartphone user, this is going to be a near lifesaving post for you! So read the our guide given below on how to hide IP address on Android phone.

How to Hide IP Address on Android Free

One can protect his/her phone by using an android VPN. In this protocol you will be connecting your phone with the client. When you do this, you are issued with an IP address which is of fictitious identity. After doing so, you are able to access any of the sites on your internet with this fictitious identity and don’t have to bother about the original IP address anymore. Another benefit which you get from it is that you are going to get the option of getting connected with the client by the manual connection also known as a PPTP connection. You are also able to create your own L2TP connection. As both the options are available you can select the option type which is suitable and convenient to your working.

There are lots of news waging across the world around the creators of malicious scripts and the codes – in short “hackers”. As hackers can hack any individual’s computers and extract any information they require. Users have become more cautious while they are browsing on the web. Due to such a threat to the internet, there are numerous solutions offered by anti-virus manufacturers (by brittany at tf online). Intrusion preventing applications, shields are available in plenty .However nothing remains constant as the requirement of users today is multi-faceted!

On your handhelds. The internet data is stored and transmitted in form of packets and ip addresses act as senders or receivers of those packets. So how the Android VPN does actually works? Android VPN has the ability of hiding the IP address of your phone and sends the information to the web with the false IP which has been masked into it. In this manner, it allows you to seamlessly browse web sites on your device without highlighting the identity of your ip address. And without your ip address disclosure, no hacker or authority can access your device either remotely or through hacking tools!

Hotspot Shield VPN is one such popular app on the play store which secures internet connections and hides your device’s ip address seamlessly!


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