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Unlock Android Phone Pattern

Forgotten password pattern will not allow you to access your phone. Get tips on how to unlock android phone pattern through this article.

Your android phone can be locked using many ways. One is by locking with a password consisting of letters and numericals and/ or special characters. Next is by using a pattern as a decoder, besides using your fingerprint or our face as recognition for the screen to unlock Trouble brews if you forget the pattern that will unlock the phone. Find below tips to help you open your android phone in case you have forgotten the pattern.

Android is an ever evolving mobile OS platform. Due to ease of customization, a plethora of application is available in smart phones based on the OS. A trend has been observed off late. As soon as you get your hands on the new Android device you hunt all the application on it or dig a screen-full of customizations. One of the best things you may like about your Android phone is the facility to lock it down with a pattern. Now, supposedly you have chosen a specific pattern to lock your Android phone and snap! You just forgot the pattern. How would you unlock your phone?

Well, although no rocket science is involved in unlocking your android pattern, it involves some technicality. In, this post we will briefly describe how you can break the jinx of a locked pattern. Keep reading!

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When you have forgotten the pattern of your Android phone and multiple guesses are not helping you out, the first thing you will have to do is shut down the Android phone. This is not at all dependent on the password or lock pattern of your phone thus you can easily do it. To begin with, shut down the phone. Next you will have to press two buttons simultaneously at a time. These are the volume rocker up key and the power button key. But the key combination may vary from phone to phone. Some of the variations are discussed over here.For Samsung Galaxy, you will need to hold the Volume up key, Home and the Power button. Motorola Droid X will need to hold the Home and the Power button. In case of other Android phones, read the operating manually carefully or do some research on the web to get access the recovery mode of the phone. You will have to continue this process until the phone logo is visible upon the screen of your Android phone.

How To Unlock Android Phone When Forgot Pattern


As soon as you view the phone logo on the screen, just release the Power key but do not release the Volume up key. Continue this until you observe the recovery messages. This is the key step in solving this problem. Within a few seconds, the menu of the Android System Recovery appears before you on the screen. Select the option of Reboot System Now from the available list. Just after doing this, the confirmation screen will be displayed. Select the option Yes from the list and touch your Home button to confirm your selection. This step will trigger a reboot and on this occasion it will come up without any specific lock pattern.

Thus, the simplest way to unlock your Android phone when you have forgotten the pattern is explained to you. Now, it is your turn to apply this in an Android phone and test your Android skills thereby.

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