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How to Reset Locked Android Phone to Factory Settings

Factory Data Reset will retain your phone to its factory default state. Get tips on how to reset a locked Android phone to factory reset.

Sometime it might so happen that you have forgotten the password or the pattern that unlocks your android phone. In such a case you might feel that  you need to rush to the nearest service centre or the local mobile store to unlock your mobile. This could take some time during which you might not be able to check your messages or make that important call. Read below to find out the way to unlock the android phone on your own by restoring it to the factory settings.

Protection and safeguarding the valuables is the only way to keep them with us. Otherwise we would at loss not only in monitory terms but would come under severe psychological distress too.

Now a day, Smartphone has become the hub for conducting many personal and commercial transactions. It is also used to store large quantities of crucial information and data. As the device can be connected via internet for performing critical transactions, locking the Android phone is the highly essential security measure. Users of these phones should never neglect or ignore to lock them with a locking pattern.

What is locking pattern

Locking pattern of an Android phone is the method at which the unlock code is set. Any Android phone features rings positioned in 3×3 patters at the start screen of the device. When these rings are touched upon in a particular sequence, the device would get unlocked. Hence the users are expected to remember the locking pattern that is specified by them.

What happens when the locking pattern is forgotten

Android devices have a built-in mechanism to allow the users to give few attempts only to unlock the device. If the user fails to use the correct pattern then the device would be locked out completely and becomes inaccessible for further trials.

How to tackle the complete locked out situation of an Android phoneHow to Reset Android Phone to Factory Settings When Locked

Firstly, users must remember the sequential order of the locking pattern set by them. There is no rocket science or extra memory required to remember as there are no alphanumeric codes involved.

Secondly, when the locking pattern is forgotten it is better to recollect it with a cool mind than to give futile trials.

Android is locked out, what next

Well, if you have run out of the trials then you are left with only option of resetting the phone to factory settings. You can do this even though the phone is completely locked out. Just follow the simple steps given under to safely unlock the device. Before that you should know some of the harsh realities that are associated with the unlocking method prescribed here.

  • Locked out phone needs hard reset which can erase the data loaded on the device.
  • You can retrieve the contacts, mails etc. if they are synced with Google Sync.
  • If you have not taken the backup of your smartphone’s data like texts, images, documents etc. on an external storage then everything will be lost during the restart.

Once you are ready to go for the hard reset, take up the below steps:

  • Device needs to be switched off to start the reset process.
  • Hold the Volume Up and Power button together and press.
  • Hold the keys till you see the logo and release the Volume button on the appearance of the logo.
  • Keep holding the Power button till you are taken into ‘Recovery Mode.’
  • Now select the ‘Factory Reset’ option.
  • Device would ask for your confirmation to proceed with the operation. Go ahead with it.
  • You would be prompted to select the option of erasing user data. Select and proceed.
  • Once the data is erased, a ‘Reboot’ option appears. Select it and make the device to restart.

Now, you are back into your Android device which is like a fresh one.



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