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How to Get Your Beauty Blog Sponsored

Are you one of the many bloggers out there who wish they could get blog sponsorship but don’t know where to start? Know here how to get your beauty blog sponsored.

Blogging has become very popular as impact of online media towards human life has increased drastically and people express their thoughts through blogs and social media. If you are interested in starting your own beauty blog and not sure how to monetize the blog, you can find some useful tips from this article.

Bloggers should select a specific niche while starting a blog such that it’s not a duplicate of any other existing blog. You should focus writing on niche topics based on keyword search in order to get unique visitors to your blog. In order to make your blog successful, you should ensure that you use the right keywords in correct proportion so that it shows up in top ranking of Google search. You should post about beauty product/brands with relevant keywords and also name the images. Google uses sophisticated penguin algorithms to filter unwanted websites and you should be careful that you don’t overwrite the keywords.

Make sure you integrate your blog with social media websites and promote it through Twitter profiles/Facebook pages in order to get more visitors. Update all the contact details and make sure you are contactable through your blog. So take a deeper look into how to get your beauty blog sponsored.

You can join blogging networks such as bloggabase or Tumblr which can help you to find fellow bloggers and get more audience. You should add yourself to various mailing lists for press releases in order to keep yourself updated on trending and latest topics. You should blog about popular brands which you use regularly and like about. You can include the brand page in your twitter tweets or Facebook updates to promote it among your blog followers. Various ways to get your beauty blog sponsored include,

How to get your beauty blog sponsored

Displaying Advertisements:

Advertisements are one of the coolest and easiest ways to monetize your blog. If you are a beginner who have created a blog using WordPress or blogger, the first way to generate revenue is through Google Ads. It’s very easy to implement in your blog, user-friendly and also has proven track records.

If you are a blog user outside Canada/U.S., then Adsense option might not be available for you. But you can make use of similar advertising techniques to monetize and generate revenue for your blog. Adsense can help generate revenue based on the number of unique visitors, page views and page impressions. You can also use other networks such Total Beauty, Style Coalition, Glam who can help you sell the inventory and act like middlemen etc.

Sponsored Content:

Another way to monetize your blog is by displaying sponsored content on your beauty blog where an advertiser pays you money for displaying his content. It can be usually in the form of advertising banners, flash screens or blog posts. You can get sponsors from beauty brands and you should be careful about writing sponsored reviews. Based on readers of your blog, it can generate skeptical response and you should be careful about it. You can also write sponsored editorials and make some revenue for your blog through that.

Affiliate Marketing:

Another cool way to make your beauty blog to get sponsored is through affiliate marketing in which you promote certain products through your blog and whatever is sold through your website, you can obtain a small percentage of profit margin for that product sold. Affiliate marketing is done through affiliate links given by a retailer. When a user buys some product through that link, you can get commissions based on the product.

There are popular websites like Amazon, ClickBank etc. which provide affiliate marketing options for such bloggers. So you can sell beauty related products through your blog and generate money through affiliate marketing. For instance, if you sell a lipstick costing 20$ through your blog you can 3-5% of the sale price which will yield a commission of 0.60 dollars. Generally the majority of retailers joins in some affiliate network and it’s a good way to get your blog sponsored. Some popular affiliate marketing websites are Linkshare, Google Affiliate Network, and Commission Junction etc.

You can also promote your blog through social media and sell products which can generate some additional revenue. You can monetize your beauty blog with above tips which can make it more successful financially and also get more visitors.

Hope this article about how to get your beauty blog sponsored helped you.

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