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How to Update Facebook Status from Twitter

Facebook and Twitter are best social networking sites to share text, images, etc. This article will tell you how to update Facebook status from Twitter.

If you are obsessed with social networking sites and spend much of your time updating your friends about the happenings around you, there is an even easier way to do that! Forget manually logging into your Facebook account, update your status, you can simply use your Twitter profile page to update your Facebook status!

For those of us who possibly cannot dream of living without social networking, technology experts are working round the clock, to ensure a convenient and faster way to communicate through the networks such as FriendFeed, Pintrest, Loopt and Twitter.

This can be done by syncing various networks together where updating status on one network would automatically update the status of the other. This is particularly beneficial to those groups and companies who wish to advertise and communicate about their events and news speedily and want to spread the word fast through multiple social networking sites simultaneously.

For the two most popular sites, Facebook and Twitter have been synced to allow you access through logging into each other to share and update your status to update facebook status from twitter

Considering you have existing Facebook and Twitter accounts, here’s how you can share your messages simultaneously:


Just type in ‘twitter’ into the search box on your Facebook page and this will show up the Twitter App. Click–>‘Go to Application’ button, which would open, up the Twitter page. Allow access to Twitter through Facebook by clicking on the ‘Allow’ button.

Access to Twitter from Facebook

To gain access to your Twitter account through Facebook, the previous step would bring you to a page that would require your username and password of the Twitter account. Fill in the required details and do the ‘Login‘. This would open the Twitter page on your Facebook and thus your Twitter account can be used from the Facebook.

Access to Facebook from Twitter

If you wish to do the reverse and within Twitter want to update your Facebook status, click the button on the above right hand side of your screen that reads ‘Allow Twitter to update your Facebook status’. This would show up a page that requires your permission to implement the instruction. Click on ‘Allow status updates’ button for confirmation. This will automatically transfer you to the Twitter App on Facebook. Now simply you can visit the Facebook after clicking ‘go to your Facebook Homepage’.


Once the above steps have been followed, you are now free to either log in to your Twitter webpage or the App on Facebook to test how your messages appear. When a message is left on the Twitter website, try visiting your Facebook page after a couple of minutes to see the new Twittered text message appear even on your Facebook page.


What if you do not need each of your Tweets to be updated on Facebook? Well that’s simple. Just clear the checkbox mentioning ‘Selective Twitter status’ and simply add ‘#fb’ at the end of each post that you wish to have updated on Facebook.

Time Lag

As experienced by many users, there seems to be a small time lag when you posted your stuff on Twitter and when it will actually appear on Facebook. This should not bother those who Tweet occasionally, but for those heavy Tweety birds, it seems that the probable time lag between the two could also sometimes be well up to 30 minutes!


Not just among each other, technology experts are actually working at integrating Facebook with other popular websites and applications such as Yahoo. Facebook Connect, for example, makes your Facebook profile more accessible across the web on different platforms.

Now, you get to know how to update Facebook status from twitter. Hope this post be helpful for you.

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