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How to Use Twitter Professionally

Twitter is definitely one of the most popular tool for professional development. Get tips on how to use Twitter professionally and grow well.

Professional development is the process wherein the skills and knowledge of an employee or entrepreneur are harnessed to achieve excellence. Though this depends purely on the competency of a person, certain external support in the form of advises and mentoring would help to greater extents.

Similarly, some tools like online tutorials, educational videos, interactive CDs etc. would play crucial role in imparting the required training for skill upgrade. On the whole, professional development proves to be a costly affair for any organization to undertake it in its fullest meaning.

Does this look like end of the road for smaller organizations to take up skill development programs for their staffs? Some of the academic and training experts are not supporting this pessimistic approach. They are advocating the firms to look for affordable alternatives like social media websites.

As we are aware of social networking media has grown from its previous days of being an entertainment vent for people. This online segment has seen a metamorphic transformation from being entertainment to infotainment to educational training tool. Many acclaimed trainers, academicians and industry experts are using these media more often than not to share their in-depth insights. Thus the social media is becoming the most economical ways of picking up the clues and tips.

Twitter, the most prominent and leading micro blogging site, is being looked upon as one of the best tools for professional development. This may sound ridiculous as there are many professional networking websites like LinkedIN where majority of the workforce spend their time to get the latest buzz from all the corners of the world.Using Twitter as a Professional Development Tool

But it is the Twitter who is carrying forward the feeds of all website updates, blog posts and of course LinkedIN content too. Thus, within in the character limitation of 140 words, Twitter provides the snap shot of the contents. By previewing the same, professionals can read through the inspiring articles that could improve their knowledge and skills.

Many of the successful professionals have recalled their better moments with Twitter updates. One professional web designer said that his skills were harnessed to perfection due to the regular tweets that he got from other designers who were pioneers in their own ways in web designing. He got introduced to the world of novel thinking and experimentation. As he started following the articles or opinions or views written by those experts, his vision got widened and in short span of time he found that his designing skills have got improved considerably.

Similarly one professor has utilized the Twitter to send useful information to her students. She shared some of the worthwhile articles that she read online and when she shared the same with the students, they found to be improving their knowledge in no time.

These are few examples only and many such success stories are being associated with the tweets from the Twitter. Personal learning through the tweets has led to the professional development of many young executives and entrepreneurs. Thus Twitter has proved its effectiveness as being a professional development tool.

Hope this article about using Twitter as a professional development tool helped you.

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