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SendMe lets your mobile entertain you !

This article tell you about Sendme,mobile ringtones download,mobile wallpapers download.

Today,Mobile phones have certainly claimed theisendmer place in “Five things i can’t live without” for majority of girls/guys and the options are endless to choose from.And Mobile entertainment(MP3,ringtones,games,wallpapers etc) is undoubtly the major reason behind the stickiness that mobiles have created today.

So,here’s a service that serves you with an easy way to get all the entertainment,right into your mobile.It’s SendMe Mobile

SendMe Mobile is one of the leading direct to consumer subscriptions service offering a vast array of ringtones,wallpapers,games and texting services

It offers content from major record labels  such as EMI,Universal Music Group and Warner Music as well as content from independents such as The Orchard,Mobilestreams, and IODA. SendMe is a  one stop shop for all of your mobile entertainment content.

Basically,SendMe Inc. is a mobile media company that operates three brands : SendMe Mobile, SoLow, and mbuzzy.All these brands are mobile based only.


What makes it ‘Stand Out’ !

SendMe’s user experience is well crafted.It  provides a seamless entertainment experience for its customers and seems like an innovator when it comes to engaging their audience.

Apart from the creative promotions for their customers such as ‘auctioning a Thanksgiving with Ozzy Osbourne’ and ‘a day as a member of Soulja Boy’s entourage in London,’they are  constantly expanding their content library and creating new features for their customers.

Their target audience is the US only, 16-30 age group,with a strong presence in the US Latino market.But such a service can actually make a strong impact in Europe and other developed markets(no monopolist there yet) so they got to grab it before somebody else takes away the meat.

C0-founded by three folks(Russell Klein, Markus Mullarkey, and Tom Santosusso) in June 2006,SendMe has been through multiple rounds of financing.  The investors include True Ventures, an early-stage fund whose partners have led investments in a variety of successful start-ups including Critical Path, eGroups, MyFamily, Plaxo and Glu.

SendMe has also have received funding from Spark Capital, a fund focused on the confluence of media, entertainment and technology.SendMe claims  to be bringing more than 5 million monthly uniques at the moment.

Team at SendMe is working hard to get certified for all content with all of the major wireless carriers so as to support any type of customer in the marketplace.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Justin

    December 4, 2009 at 9:44 am

    SendMe Mobile is a dishonest business engaging in deceptive tactics. Do a search for SendMe Mobile, what do you get, the third result is a class action lawsuit for those SendMe Mobile has scammed.

    SendMe Mobile engages in what the FTC calls cramming:


    They take as few steps as possible to keep their actions from being completely illegal but still entirely misleading and unethical.

    Even SendMe Mobiles business model lacks sense. Their subscription service offers 10 credits a month for $9.99. With these you can download ringtones, games, wallpapers. For instance a game is 5 credits. That would equate to approximately $5.00. But if you don’t want to subscribe you can download it for a one time fee of $3.99. Why would a subscription service cost more? Who would want to subscribe when you can get the item cheaper without subscribing?

    Complaint boards are full of complaints of people that are being charged $9.99 a month by SendMe Mobile and do not know why. I believe their business practices are intentionally deceptive in order to make a profit.

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