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Tesla’s Optimus robots inch closer to market

Here is the top trending news from the world of technology. News that every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


Tesla’s Optimus robots inch closer to market.

Elon Musk has just given an important update about Tesla’s Optimus robots, potentially hinting that Optimus robots will be available for commercial sale in the market by end of 2025. This means that businesses and companies can buy Optimus robots directly from the market and use them for performing several tasks at their factories and plants. Optimus robots are currently used in Tesla’s factories where it does many mundane and repetitive tasks. Overall, this update brings exciting news especially when it comes to commercialization of humanoid robots. However, robotics development is complex, and delays are always a possibility. Besides, their widespread adoption of robots could raise concerns about job displacement in the manufacturing sector.


Gemini Now Supports a Bunch of Older Android Phones


There is good news for people with older Android phones as Google has just launched an update that will make its AI chatbot Gemini available on Android 10 and other older devices. Previously, Gemini was available only on Android 12 and other newer versions. If you have an Android phone running Android 10 or later and have at least 4GB of RAM then you should be able to download and use Gemini. This move will help Google to expand the userbase of its AI chatbot and also help in gathering more user data and improve Gemini’s capabilities. Expanding user base could also be a way to gauge user reception for potential future hardware integration like Gemini Nano, which is the on-device AI version of Gemini and is currently available on Pixel 8 devices.


Gear Up Samsung Galaxy Fans: Next Galaxy event may take in June in Paris  

There is exciting news for Samsung Galaxy fans. According to sources, Samsung is planning to launch its next Galaxy event in Paris on June 10, which coincides with the 2024 Summer Olympics, where Samsung is a major sponsor. At this event, the company is expected to launch includes new foldable phones, which will be successors of the Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip. Samsung is also expected to launch Galaxy Ring. There is lot of excitement about Galaxy Ring, which is a wearable device but the information about this device is currently scarce. Other devices that are expected to be launched includes Galaxy Watch 7, new tablets, and potentially Samsung’s first Snapdragon-powered laptop. Overall, the July 10th event in Paris seems like a big one for Samsung, with potential reveals of exciting new devices.


Google Meet Lets You Switch Devices Seamlessly

Google Meet has just launched a new feature called “Switch here,” which can prove to be a game changer for multi-device video conferencing. Thanks to this feature, you can now switch a Google Meet call between your phone and computer and vice versa without interrupting the conversation. This means no more hanging up and rejoining. This will allow you to start a call on your phone while on the go and then seamlessly transfer it to your laptop for a more focused meeting experience. Google claims that this feature works flawlessly across Android, iOS, and web versions of Google Meet, giving you ultimate flexibility. The ‘Switch here’ feature brings Google Meet on par with other competitors who already offered similar functionality.


Windows 11 Start menu ads are now rolling out to everyone

Microsoft has started officially rolling out ads to the Start menu in Windows 11 for all users by displaying recommendations for apps from the Microsoft Store within the “Recommended” section of the Start menu. However, Microsoft has been hesitant in labelling them as ‘ads.’ Rather it is positioning them as a way to discover new apps. Some users might be happy with this feature if it helps them discover useful apps, but others might find it intrusive and hinderance. But thankfully, Microsoft allows you to easily turn off these recommendations if you don’t want to see them in the startup menu.

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