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OpenAI inks deal with Financial Times for training its AI models

Here is the top trending news from the world of technology. News that every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


OpenAI inks deal with Financial Times for training its AI models

OpenAI and the Financial Times have struck a deal that will allow OpenAI to use the Financial Times’ content for training all its AI models. This deal signifies a significant move away from OpenAI’s traditional method of scraping content from other websites, which caused several legal problems for the company in the past. The Financial Times is known for its in-depth and reliable journalism, particularly in the financial sector. This provides OpenAI with high-quality data to train its models, which can lead to more accurate and informative outputs. By the way, this partnership goes beyond just training data. There’s also a collaborative aspect aimed at developing new AI features for Financial Times readers.


GitHub’s new AI Workspace lets anyone build software     

GitHub has unveiled AI Workspace, known as Copilot Workspace, that will help even beginners in building professional software with ease. The company claims that Copilot Workspace will help developers throughout the entire software lifecycle, right from brainstorming, planning to building and testing the software. And all this will be done much faster and easier than before. GitHub has also claimed that Copilot Workspace is different from the Copilot Assistant that was launched in 2021. The company claimed that Copilot Workspace offers more functionalities and is more efficient. However, this new tool is still in technical preview and therefore the interested developers will have to sign up and queue up in the waitlist.


OpenAI’s Memory feature is now available to all ChatGPT subscribers

OpenAI has announced that its Memory feature is now available to all ChatGPT Plus subscribers. Until now this feature was available only to select subscribers. Thanks to the memory feature, ChatGPT can now remember the details you provide across various chats. This eliminates the need to repeat information, saving you time and effort. OpenAI has also ensured that users get enough control while using the Memory feature. Therefore, you can choose what information ChatGPT stores and instruct it to forget things you no longer want it to remember. Overall, the Memory feature is a significant step towards more personalized and informative interactions with ChatGPT.


Baidu to power Tesla’s self-driving future in China


According to Chinese media reports, Baidu, the Chinese tech giant, and Tesla have reached an agreement on a mapping deal that mostly likely paves the way for Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) system in China. The deal grants Tesla access to Baidu’s mapping license. This allows Tesla to collect data on public roads in China, which is crucial for training and improving its FSD system. Interestingly, this deal has been struck amid Elon Musk’s ongoing visit to China. On Monday, Musk even met China’s Prime Minister ‘Li Qiang.’ Overall, this deal will be seen as a significant victory for Tesla as it removes a significant regulatory hurdle for offering FSD in China, which is Tesla’s second largest market.         

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