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From Startup to Spotlight: MilesWeb’s Hosting Plans Illuminate Online Presence

From Startup to Spotlight: MilesWeb's Hosting Plans Illuminate Online Presence

New-age startups are the backbone of this fast-paced economic world. Whether it is fintech, food delivery, or any other startup, all of them have a website. All credit goes to web hosting companies like MilesWeb and others. It is web hosting companies’ efforts and resources that make the digitization dream successful. MilesWeb meticulously configures web hosting plans for new-age startups to propel their online presence across the globe. 

In today’s fast-paced era, a website is a paramount resource for business success. MilesWeb provides a suite of web hosting packages including:

  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • Reseller hosting
  • WordPress hosting

And many more….

MilesWeb’s web hosting servers are protected with the advanced security measures like  WAF  protection, malware scanning, SFTP and advanced DDoS protection to shield sensitive business data.Moreover, integration of cutting-edge features like Intel/AMD processors, Acronis Cloud Backup, and lightning-fast SSD NVMe storage in their servers ensure an unparalleled performance, reliability, and peace of mind for their clients. These advancements serve as a launchpad for startups and raise their online presence worldwide. The web host also offers unparalleled expertise through knowledge base guides, blogs, and round-the-clock manual assistance. They ensure that startups can carve their niche in the digital realm with ease.

Salient Features of MilesWeb’s Hosting Plans for Startups

  • Budget-friendly: MilesWeb offers cost-efficient plans for startups that reduce their overall operational costs. Shared hosting or VPS hosting services are good options to start with. 
  • Scalability: The web host has multiple web hosting plans with the ability to scale up resources as the startup grows. So, there is no need to migrate to another web host for any reason.
  • Ease of Use: MilesWeb offers user-friendly interfaces and cPanel control panels, making it easy for beginners to manage their websites.
  • Reliability: They have a good reputation for uptime and reliability, which is crucial for any business website, but especially for startups trying to establish themselves.
  • Security: MilesWeb includes free SSL certificates and daily backups to help keep your startup’s website secure.

Free cPanel on VPS & Dedicated Hosting

Managing the backend operations of a website becomes easier through a control panel. Startups do not have to worry about managing FTP accounts, emails, databases, and more. MilesWeb offers VPS hosting and dedicated hosting plans bundled with cPanel. It is a user-friendly control panel that simplifies the website management tasks for novices. Non-tech savvy users can manage activities like: 

  • File management: Uploading, downloading, and organizing website files.
  • Database management: Creating, managing, and backing up databases.
  • Email management: Setting up and managing email accounts.
  • Security settings: Configuring security measures to protect your website.

Free cPanel allows users to manage their website without any additional cost on top of the VPS or Dedicated Server plans. It gives an edge to startups for those who are budget-conscious as cPanel licenses can add up their operational costs. Also, It simplifies server management tasks and makes it easier to get started, especially for users who are new to VPS or dedicated hosting environments.

Awards and Recognition

Business thrives online with the award-winning web hosting services of MilesWeb, making them a trusted partner for success in the online world. Here is the complete list of awards.

  • G2: High Performer for Small Business | Winter 2024
  • G2: High Performer Asia Pacific Region | Winter 2024
  • G2: High Performer for Small Business | Spring 2024
  • G2: High Performer Asia Pacific Region | Spring 2024
  • G2: Momentum Leader | Spring 2024
  • G2: Fastest Implementation | Spring 2024
  • G2: Fastest Implementation for Small Business| Spring 2024
  • HostAdvice: Users Top Choice Award 2022
  • Naya Bharat – Jagran Group: Enabler of The Year 2021
  • Host Review: Top 10 VPS Hosting Providers 2020

Future Path

MilesWeb adopts new advancements like LiteSpeed, LSCache, CDN and cloud hosting that allow startups to stay ahead of the curve. They strengthen their cybersecurity measures to provide startups with a secured website hosting infrastructure. Advanced tools like one-click installer, WordPress staging tool, and others facilitate website-building tasks for new-age businesses. MilesWeb closely monitors industry trends and adapts its offerings to cater to the ever-changing needs of startups.

From the Founder’s Desk

“MilesWeb doesn’t just host websites, but they launch online dreams of global startups. Our unwavering support and top-notch services have been the cornerstone of global startups online success.” Deepak Kori, Founder, MilesWeb Internet Services Pvt. Ltd. 

Final Note

In essence, MilesWeb’s advanced web hosting plans are essential for startups to thrive in the online sphere. Their commitment to exceptional service, cutting-edge solutions, and a focus on innovation make them the perfect web hosting partner. MilesWeb launches businesses online and scales their digital presence and more than 50,000 ventures have trusted this brand.  

MilesWeb has a global network of data centers with assured 99.95% uptime, free SSL, unmetered bandwidth, and other features that allow it to establish the online visions of the new-age entrepreneurs.  As cyber threats become more sophisticated, MilesWeb’s unwavering focus on security provides startups with the peace of mind they need to concentrate on growth and innovation.

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