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Cost of Promoted Trends on Twitter

The number of people using Twitter has increased manifold over the last year. This article will tell you about the cost of promoted trends on Twitter.

Twitter is a popular micro-blogging and social media platform with approximately 120 million users till date. The advertising cost in Twitter platform has approximately increased 5 times with the introduction of “Promoted Trends” feature last year.

Cost of Promoted Trends on Twitter

Promoted Trends was introduced as an additional feature for promoted Tweets platform and is now considered as complete product.

The customers can experience context, event and time-sensitive trends which get promoted to advertising partners through Twitter. Such promoted trends are shown among list of Trending Topics and shown clearly as “Promoted”.

Users experience Promoted Trends in similar way as Trending topics and can view the list of Tweets which include the trending terms or hashtags.

Using the terms about promoted trends, users will be able to tweet about Promoted trends also. The important distinction with promoted trends is that they will be purchased by advertisers and indicated as Promoted trend.

The search results for particular topic will be displayed when a user clicks on Promoted Trend. Also the related promoted Tweets given by advertiser will be shown on top of search results. These displayed tweets are unfiltered, open and authentic. The Promoted trends will be displayed on the home page of users.

The cost of Promoted Trends as stated by Adam Bain, the director revenue is around 120, 000 dollars per day currently. During the year of 2010, the cost of the same service was just 25k – 30k dollars per day and it has increased 4 times now.

Over the past time period, Twitter has organized more than six thousand advertisement campaigns for more than six hundred advertisers. The number of users and popularity of Twitter has increased largely.

The popular clients like Samsung, HBO, JetBlue, Virgin and many others got very good response on using Promoted Trends for their advertisement campaigns through Twitter.

Twitter also provides promoted Tweets and Promoted accounts which are sold based on auction and recently they are following a pay-per-follow or pay-per-click system. Based on statements from Bain, Twitter is expecting advertisers to spend at least 15,000 dollars for 3 months’ time period.

Ad campaigns through Promoted Trends have a better result that search engine marketing since Twitter provides an opportunity for advertisers to maintain long-term relationship with their clients.

Also, the promotions on Twitter are viewed widely across complete network and this gives a good reach for the advertisers. The Promoted Trends is a very successful marketing technique with high returns on investment and would cost 120, 000 dollars per day as per the latest updates from Twitter.

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